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I Wish She’d Stop Callin Me

February 11, 2008


There are very few people in this world that I hate–and only one who is in my family.

My fathers wife made my life miserable from before the moment he married her to this very day.   Before they were married, I met her just days before.  

I won’t get into the details…because I have kind of brushed by them in a previous post. I’ll just get straight to the reason why I am writing this post. 

After (gleefully) not speaking to this woman or my father for quite some time (with the exception of the holidays)  she called my husbands phone today.

Thinking that I care (aside from being a hypochondriac shes also apparently delusional), she called to let me know something or the other about whatever is her new illness or ailment.  She left a message since Hubby left his phone in the car.  Since she didn’t call my phone Im not gonna call her back because it will just stick me right into the middle of her madness.  I don’t want anything to do with it or her or them.

But I did need to write about it…because it bothers me to no end that this woman reaches out to me- like we have some sort of relationship.  As if I want a relationship with her.

I’ve worked on my feelings toward my father and I don’t mind talking to him on the phone occationally and for brief periods of time- but only because he is my father and I feel that it is something I should work at- but the same is not true in her case.  When she calls I get agitated.  She tries to bait me with her statements and when I don’t bite she tells me anyway.   She asks me about my ailments–not for any concern for me and what I may or may not be goin through with my medically diagnosed issues—but so she can run to her doc and tell them what tests I’ve had so they can run the same.  What medications they are trying for me so she can request them for herself.  To see if there is anything “new” in my treatment that she hasn’t done yet.

She always fakes interest in the beginning of every conversation.  Starts things out with “hope you’re ok…ladeeda” and it always leads into “ive been so tired” ” I got tests done today” “I got results”




Don’t know why she doesn’t just share with someone else.  She married my father so she should talk to him about it.  It’s not my fault that she has alienated herself from everyone with her constant complaining– I am not the default can for her to dump her supposed troubles. 

And now that I’ve gotten it out … I dont’ have to dwell on it any more. 

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  1. February 12, 2008 11:35 am

    I know people like that. It sucks.

  2. February 12, 2008 7:18 pm

    Wow… loved your comment on my blog about forgiveness… feeling a similar chord here with this lady you are talking about… and my brother… though different, the results are the same…. TOXIC PEOPLE!!!

    You’d think she could take a hint though…..! 😉

  3. Annie permalink
    April 9, 2008 10:00 am

    I had to stop being friends with a close girlfriend because her constant complaining made me nuts. I listened to her bitchy monopolizing manipulations for 20 years, and when I realized it was fabricated and escalating–I quit the friendship.

    She said I gave her no sympathy. Hey, I listened. I tried to help her think of solutions. I drove her to doctors. (They were sick of her also. Several doctors fired her as a patient.)

    There seems to be 3 or 4 things wrong with every part of her body. She has polycystic ovarian syndrome, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, pinched nerves, manic depression, panic attacks, toenail fungus, arthritis,
    restless leg syndrome, obsessive compulsive disorder, PMS, yeast growing on her skin and she is 100 pounds overweight–heading toward diabetes.

    I wasted so much time listening to her and trying to help her. She likes being sick, getting her social security benefits and medical card, being the center of attention, and using physical ailment to manipulate her family and friends.

    She hurt me very deeply, turned against me and lied to me on a grand scale. She told me she had to have surgery on her back and that she may be paralyzed for life if the surgery fails. I drove her to the emergency room. Listened for hours to this new crisis.

    It turned out to all be a big fat lie.
    I’m done with her. I also have some pain.
    I have spina bifida, arthritis in my feet and I am on my feet for 7 hours at my job. That’s life.
    I just deal with it and try every day to be happy.

    She is only 40, but I think she should just be driven to a nursing home by her family (who are also sick of her whining) and dumped off.

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