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Another Day, Another Pregnancy

January 23, 2008

Yup my blogger buds…yet another one of my friends is pregnant.  Things are on the down-low still and I am not even sure that they know that I know.

 My very best friend (the one I’ve had since I moved to Florida at the end of my middle school years) is the sister-in-law of our other friend–the one who is pregnant.   Anyway, she called me just now and told me the news that she is goin to be an Aunt (pronounced “ANT” which bugs the heck out of me) and she is so excited.  She has no idea (that I know of ) of our difficulties but I think that in some weird, convoluted way it was God’s way of giving me a heads up so that when my other friend calls me to tell me the great news…I’ll be appropriately excited. 

V.B.F (very best friend) was a bit insensitive though while she was telling me.  Not toward myself but toward another of “the Four”  (as we were known as during our middle school, high school and beyond years).  K was pregnant last year but miscarried.  V.B.F seems to have forgotten and was all like “shes the first…im so excited…the first in our group”.  When I corrected the statement it was dropped and the converstation went no farther.   I guess it neverceases to amaze me that others forget so easily….not because they don’t care (im sure of that in this particular case) but because it doesn’t really affect them. 

Im gonna call K right now as a matter of fact….to catch up and pass the warning.  It should be a good conversation

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