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“Having a Baby….” A New Book

January 8, 2008

Ok so the full title of the book is kind of long:

Having a Baby…When the Old-Fashioned Way Isn’t Working: Hope and Help For Everyone Facing Infertility” by Cindy Margolis

Anyway, my take on this book is that it is informative with great listed resources for further study.  If you are a person who gleans hope from the success of others: the stories that are shared in this book range from the perspective of a surrogate mother to the author’s (who happens to also be the national spokeswoman for RESOLVE) battles with the realization that something must be wrong.  From stories of adoption to successful A.R.T cycles.

There is alot of extremely basic (read: if you are at the point of knowing you are IF these are things you are already going to know like the importance of knowing your body and the signs of cycles phases etc) but there are great guidelines for things like what to look for in your fertility specialist.  Some questions to ask them.  Online resources to find the best specialist for you.  There is information on A.R.T. procedures that I had never heard before (like GIFT and ZIFT) as well as tips for moving beyond A.R.T’s.

 Overall…like I said… as a whole…it is a good reference tool for what is available for the infertile couple out there to grow their family.

It is an extremely easy read as well…often filled with the nodding of my head in agreement on certain points of view as well as the recognition of my feelings written by the author’s hand.  As in the blogging community- it gives the relief to the reader that she isn’t alone, wierd, abnormal in the way she feels.

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  1. January 9, 2008 6:46 am

    Cool. I’ll have to look for it “WAVING ” 😀

  2. January 9, 2008 7:59 am

    This is great, my sister is just about to have her first kid and this is exactly the kind of resource I was looking for. Now I have a nice gift I can give to help her through this exciting time.

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