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The Day After- General Holiday Roundup

December 26, 2007

I know its been a bit since I have made a “real” post on here.  Things were kind of crazy. I guess I should take things in time order.  I think this may be a long one…

Thursday was relatively calm.  Hubby and I had (have been having) a disagreement on the running of our household.  Since we moved here he’s gotten what one would call “lazy” when it comes to the basic maintenance of keeping the house clean.  When we lived in Georgia I only had to really clean the house about once a month from general dust and all that jazz.  Laundry only had to be done once a week.  There was rarely clothes on the floor and never in the bathroom.  Shoes were taken off and put back where they belonged.  Here it is the complete opposite.  Dishes can’t find their way to the sink and if by some small miricle they do the food is left on them to harden and make almost impossible to remove.  Certainly impossible to put into the dish washer so I have to stand there scrubing and soaking. If there is a place to hang something he thinks its his personal closet (read: the coat rack, the rack in the laundry area for clothes that need to hand dry, etc).  Boots are everywhere : the garage, in the spare room, in the office, the kitchen, underneath the dinning room table.    I had to let him know that I am not a slave.  It is absolutely not my job to constantly be picking up after him while he sits on his ass on the couch, the computer room or laying in bed (which as been his excuse of sorts—“Im tired, Im gonna take a nap” only to hear the television in there on).  Weeks ago I told him I would not do his laundry until he figured out how to put it in a hamper—so he’s got clothes piled along the wall in the garage, three full to over flowing laundry bags in the room, his entire side of the bed on the floor and half the bathroom.  He says he understands where I am coming from after our conversation Thursday night, but to this minute I haven’t seen him do anything about it.

Friday my family was supposed to come for Christmas.  My dad got called into work though and so they had to push it back to Saturday. Which was fine. Theres nothing that can be done about that.  We did the shoppin for the dogs for their Christmas presents.

Saturday my younger brother got called into work so they had to push it back to Sunday–again its understandable so no big deal.  I figured we could do the grocery shopping since our fridge was empty.  We normal stop and get something to eat before we do the groceries so we aren’t hungry and going over budget.  I was hit though…with fatigue.  I tried to eat and couldn’t even finish I was so tired.  So I asked for a cup of coffee…and it just made me more tired.  I tried to go ahead and do the shopping but made it as far as the dairy before I had to come home and sleep.  Five hours of sleep too.

Sunday my Mom called and told me that they were on their way. It was around 8:30 at that point and so it would mean they would be here shortly after noon.  Which was fine.  She said that they were gonna make a couple of stops in town so that my brothers could wish their girlfriends Merry Christmas.  My youngest brother F and his girlfriend were pretty much quick about things.  But my middle brother T’s girlfriend pulled the pity card. I know that sounds rather un-ceremonious of me.  She said she was going to be alone for Christmas and my family insisted that she and her 2year old come along.

Which took away the merry in my christmas and completely shattered the calm and joy I had attained from the knowledge that there was no way I would be assulted with young children this holiday system.  I mean-I explained to my mom part of the reason why we couldn’t go up and spend the holiday with the family there.  I know “assulted” is a pretty harsh word but I am sure most of you understand.  I had five hours to figure out how to cope.  It normally takes me days to get to the point where I can make enough peace inside myself to enjoy what ever experience it is.  I am not angry or upset with my parents because that is how they are—if you need something and they can provide it they will give it to you.  In this case, it was someone who wasn’t going to have family around so we became her family. 

Things went relatively well.  H (the 2yr old) was a sweetheart for the most part and in fact took the majority of pictures after I showed her how to use my camera.  She has a problem with names—everyone is either Deborah or Sarah.  It doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a gal either.   I think I did well though.  I wasn’t rude and I think they felt welcome in my home while I didn’t spend too much time with H. 

R (my brother’s g/f) had to go back to work today so they planned on leaving yesterday.  My mom, dad, sister and youngest bro planned on staying through today but there were some wind advisories. 45 mph in the mountains are not exactly the safest driving conditions so they all left at the same time and got home safely.

That is the general rundown.  There are somethings that happened that were sad but I am going to make a seperate post with that.  Since it will be after this one then it will be seen first…but oh well. I should have thought about that earlier. 

For the first time in my life–I am glad Christmas is over–and I think that makes me sadder than anything.

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