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Good News, Bad News x2

December 26, 2007

First I’ll start with some background.

My SIL (1of3) called us around thanksgiving to let us know about the finalizaton of the adoption of siblings.

On the 19th of this month we found out that the children had been taken back because of some mis-understanding between the birthmother and the agency.  Those of you who know about this situation–thank you for your thoughts and prayers–they were and still are very much appreciated. 

Here is what we have found out.

Apparently the BM never told the father that she was pregnant so obviously he knew nothing of the adoption.  Somehow he found out and basically stated that he was not waving his parental rights.  There was a question if he was the father of both children and so the agency took custody of both G and C until things straightened out.   Since G has a different father she was allowed to stay with SIL but C is now with his father.  Which is a bit questionable because apparently there are some rather good reasons as to why BM did not inform the man of her pregnancy.

From what I understand of what they told us: The father will maintain custody of C until he does something wrong (which is very possible according to the BM).  Apparently her complaints have been noted and they will be keeping and eye on him for a bit to make sure C will be safe.  If it is deemed that C is unsafe then he will go back to SIL.

They got G back home on Christmas eve and are focused on making this a great Christmas for her.  They are dealing with the question of why C isn’t there from G–she misses her brother. 

They are comtemplating legal action but at this point aren’t even sure there is anything they can do.  They will inquire about things after the new year.  Its craziness.

 More bad news–my cousins best friend (who is practically family) lost her child on Saturday 22 Dec.  No one is really sure what happened.  The baby was fine and then came down with what seemed to be a cold.  Over the course of a couple weeks she kept getting worse and worse.  No one knew what was happened.  She passed three months to day from when she was born.  The funeral will be at the end of the week so for those of you that pray — comfort is needed for Christina.  For those of you who don’t pray then your sympathetic thoughts would be appreciated as well.

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  1. December 27, 2007 6:54 pm

    Lots and lots of thoughts and prayers from this end!!

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