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Christmas “Ball” Roundup

December 14, 2007

Last night was our Christmas Ball.  They told us we needed to be there at 530 and we didn’t even show up until 615.  Yeah that’s how much we care.  Something about a receiving line was mentioned and yet—we never saw one.  I must say that there are alot more Privates and Privates 1stClass (PFC’s) in this particular unit.  Definitely more so than in our last!  And you can definitely tell.

I think that most every single one of them had drunk at least one or two beers plus some other mixed drink by the time we got there.  There were a few guys (and gals) walkin around with two or three of the same drink in their hands “because the line was so long I didn’t want to have to stand in it again”.  I heard that many, many a time.    I also realized that some of these women must equate “Ball” to  ” Clubbin” in what some of them showed up in.  I was just amazed at the whole thing.  Mind you there are over 800 men and women in the unit- so provided they each brought a significant other that is about 1600 people.  The space wasn’t that large but I suppose it was adequate.  I think though that our particular Company (the War Hogs—in case you were wondering) is probably the most mild mannered of the five. 

It took until almost 7 for us to be seated and then started the talking.  Our division is a baby really.  Only been in operation since January of this year at which point there were less than 100 people in it–most operational so that they could get ready for the influx of the 800+ soldiers that would come between the months of April and June.  There was a lot of rambling, a few funny moments, lots of drinking. 

We did the Opening remarks, the Anthem, the benediction from the Chaplain, etc

There is this ceremony they do.  The leaders of each Company “Charge the Punch Bowl”.  It’s not what you think (if you are in the mindset of a race to the finish).  Two bottles of some sort of alcohol (Noticing a theme here?) are deposited into the punch bowl–creating some awful cocktail but not before a long swig from the fore mentioned leaders.  From what I could hear (since we were seated almost completely opposite of the stage/head tables) there was Tequila, Rum, Vodka,  and two more—

AND from there—8 toasts. Yup…eight.  At least at the seventh was to “The Ladies” and we were seated.  The last is always the hardest one though.  The toast to honor the fallen- toasted with silence.  Then is the acknowledgement of the empty setting (for dinner).  There is a place set for the fallen soldier.  A white table-cloth, an inverted glass, A lemon, the chair facing outward.  A place that will not be filled by any soldier because they are not there to share.  They have died but are still apart of the Army family.  A line that the Chaplin said that has stuck with me “For the one who gave up his tomorrow for our today”. 

Then was dinner.  Which is what everyone was really looking forward to since by this time it was already almost 8.  Can you believe though….a BALL….had a self-serve buffet?  Everyone at our table was like WTF?!  Normally, Balls involve servers and a choice of chicken or beef.  A series of courses- salad, bread, soup, meal and dessert.  At the very least someone who will pour drinks.  Nope…everyone had to get up and stand in line to load up their plates (not even served on the line—can you believe that?)  Since I was in heels and a rather long dress I wasn’t going to risk trying to carry a salad plate and my main plate…so just some bread, veggies, potatoes  and chicken for me.  And it was not good.  They used the same seasoning on everything but the bread.  So my veggies tasted like my potatoes, my potatoes tasted like my Chicken, the chicken tasted —- well I am sure you understand.  Its almost needless to say that I didn’t even finish anything but the bread.  Hubby got a plateful and ended up needing to use his coffee cup to get gravy and smother EVERYTHING to finish.  The man was hungry but he regretted it later on when we were home (and so did I–ohh the smell—ewe).  One of the SSgt’s wives (we’ll get back to her later) referred to the food as over-seasoned and “thirsty” (aka: dry).

They did show video’s from all of the stuff the guys do by Company and Hubby was in quite a few of the photo’s!  He was like “IM ON TV”.  Yup, hes a dork but he’s my dork so it’s alright.  As soon as closing remarks were made and the dancing started (which you know was nuts just by the amount of beer bottles collected off the tables–not even mentioning all of the other glasses that weren’t apart of the original place settings) we left and went to What.a.burger cause I was HUNGRY.

Hubby was disappointed in the the experience but chalked it up to being the first one this division has had- until I so tactfully pointed out that these leaders have been to their fair share of balls and in very few of them would there have been a Buffet.  Block leave starts today for alot of the guys but for most the leadership they start their leave on the 18th (which I believe is monday).  Good thing is Hubby didn’t have to go in until 10 and he should be home around 3 so that will be good.

I think I’ll leave this post at this and just make another post about all the other thoughts of an inferile moving through an fertile world.

I will say that to spite all the craziness of what I already stated–we did have a good time with the people at our table.  Warren and Jefferys sang a song for everyone and had loads of fun with it (we did record it on my camera so I’ll upload it and send it to them).  The conversation was good as well.  I was seated next to Johnson’s wife-Monica (I think that’s her name–I am 99.98% sure I am right) and for the most part we had good and funny conversation.

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  1. geohde permalink
    December 14, 2007 4:07 pm

    Sounds like it was a mixed bag of good and bad bits. Being a greedy food person in a big way the salty buffet doesn’t sound an ideal strategy to me!


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