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Men Just Don’t Get It

December 13, 2007

So I wake up this morning – earlier than I have been all week- to my man dogs nose on mine.  Utter confusion…
Did he somehow figure out how to open his crate?

Did he grow a thumb and open the door to his room?

Where the heck is his sister?

UHHH…don’t forget to lick the plate (for my ferning scope people!)

Then I roll over and don’t see Hubby next to me.  I am what some might consider BLIND when I first wake up so I reach over just to make sure Hubby isn’t there.  Why would he be?  He should be having loads of fun running up a mountain or doing a road march in 30 degree weather.

 I hear missing dog outside but don’t hear anything else goin on in my house…so the confusion continues.  But then I hear Hubby screamin out the door for the dog to get in the house! AHHH, but then a different kind of confusion sets in….

Why is he home at this time of the morning?

So I drag my sleepy self out of the bed and pull on a sweatshirt and walk to the end of the hallway…going no farther than that because the kitchen is tiled and therefor COLD and my feet were not up to the shock of it all.  I must clear the confusion before I go back to sleep.

So I see Hubby and say “What the heck are you doing home?”

He says “Have I got a funny story for you

That does NOT bode well–at. all.

Turns out their Commander had them in formation this morning and they had a dozen or so guys re-enlist.  Great—still doesn’t explain why he’s home and what exactly is funny.  Then Hubby starts going on about how the Commander “zonked” them.  Being unfamilar with the phrase and up way to early to try and figure it out I ask for an explination.

Turns out- the Commander released them for today.  The man said “see you at 1700“.

So my next-quite logical- question is “So you are off until tomorrow? Thats nice of them.”

UHHH no.  Apparently, Hubby has no idea of what is goin on with anything because apparently the ball is TONIGHT.

YES TONIGHT…not tomorrow like hes been telling me for weeks!  So frantically I run into the living room–almost cursing at the ice cold tile floor– to find the card of my stylist.  Luckily she can put me into her 2:00 slot for today.  I still need to get my feets done so they look good in my heels.  My coat is gonna have to not be worn cause I was gonna drop it at the cleaners today so I could pick it up on the way home from the stylist tomorrow.  And its cold.  I mean it seriously is cold.  Right now its 35 degrees.  It will warm up during the day but it will drop right back down once it gets cold. 
My dress is not exactly condusive to warmth.

Soooo…I am up cause if I go back to sleep I’ll never get the engine goin. 

Does hubby care? No not really.

So hes goin out with me today.  Cause he thought he was just gonna chill at home while I stressed out…not likely.

I’ll let you all know how it all works out.  I hope its interesting- in a good way

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  1. geohde permalink
    December 13, 2007 5:50 pm

    Hoping that you have a great time and look fabulous, last minute rush notwithstanding,


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