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While I am Up….Random Rants and such

December 12, 2007

I don’t want to complain but it might end up flowin that way so I thought I’d just let you know.
This is my third attempt at writing an entry.  I keep trying to stay up beat or at least semi-normal but it all just spews as complaining.  That and my fingers/wrists start to hurt and so I just delete  and go back to bed for some more sleep.  Vicious cycle.

BUT I am gonna try and just finish and then publish without worrying too much about what is going on.

Let me take a second to give some props to Hubby.  He’s been really good with this particular flare up.  Not buggin me about anything and even bringing home dinner.  Big step for him since he’s not completely understood everything about CFS/Fibro in the past.

Anyway, feels of late? Pretty lethargic. I am desperately trying to get the house done up so I feel more like Christmas but I was undermined by the fact that I still can’t find my decorations.  So this year its just the Christmas tree with no star and none of our yearly ornaments.  We still have to pick one up for this year–if there are any to be had.  If not we’ll just buy one and use a sharpie and slap a messy 2007 on it.  Why the heck not?  May end up doing that anyway just to save the trouble.

We have our Ball on Friday and found out yesterday at what time we have to be there.  1730—thats 5:30 people!!  Thats nuts. I had made my hair appointment for 4.  The salon is about 30 minutes away and so I had to change it.  So now its at 2 and should take about an hour since that is what is average for my hair.   Hey at least we’ll be home early right?  I do hope this isn’t tedious–and if it is–I sure hope the food is good.

My Grandmother called me yesterday to see how things were going. She’s feeling a little bit ill but nothing major.  She asked if we decorated for Christmas and I told her my issues with finding the decorations.  She says to me “Well, Christmas is for kids anyway”.  Yeah–thanks for reminding me that we don’t have any.  And Christmas isn’t about kids- its about Christmas.  It’s about the celebration of the birth of Christ.  For those who don’t subscribe to that belief it still isn’t just about kids.  Its a time for joy and for family that is there and my Mom, Big Daddy and siblings are coming down to spend it with us.

Even if they weren’t I would still want my decorations.  Contrary to what the fertile world assumes—Hubby and I are a family.  Our dogs are apart of our family too.  Yes, we would love to have children in our family but until that happens we are enough for each-other. 

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  1. etrish permalink
    December 12, 2007 3:14 pm

    Hey there, I just read your post and it broke my heart. I know exactly what you mean about you and your hubby being a family, I feel the same way about my household. We’re missing children, but children aren’t the glue that holds a family together – love and committment are. I’m so sorry to hear about your ornaments! That happened to us one year, when my dad was in the military and we moved every three years or so. We lost a box of ornaments. It tore my mom up.

    Can I send you one or two of our ornaments? I would really like to.

    Fond regards,

  2. geohde permalink
    December 12, 2007 4:24 pm

    Christams is a very difficult time of year when it comes to the old IF curse, I find. Too many reminders or outright nosy/rude questions,



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