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Weekend Roundup: Shopping, Gas, and Drama

December 3, 2007

Hello Folks!  Hope you all had a good weekend (as well as can be had in whatever situation you find yourselves in).

Mine was alright.  I think.  Friday didn’t do a thing.  Hubby got home late from work so it was a passing “Hello, Goodnight” kind of thing.  Saturday we went out.  First, I was irritated because we get into the car and the gas gauge doesn’t even hit the bottom of the red zone.  So goal numero uno?  The gas station.  We take the short cut out of the neighborhood only to find at the intersection a long line waiting there.  We did not have the gas available to sit there and idle so luckily for Hubby– we were right in front of JC Penny’s.  So in I go –sneakin by a rather oversized truck to get into the driveway so that I don’t have to sit idling the car.  We get in and I find the most FABULOUS shoes.  Well not as fab as some Jimmy Choo’s  or Cole Haan’s that I have been drooling over on but fabulous for the price I paid for them!  I took the last pair of silvers (which thank GOD were in my size out on the display table). 


Big Plus is that they are comfortable-but lets be honest ladies- it doesn’t really matter if they are or not cause at half price I wasn’t gonna complain. Hubby also decided that if I got shoes, he was going to buy new sneakers but it was fine cause it was a sale.  So for both pairs we paid 65 dollars! 

From there it was a hope and a prayer and a turn of the key.  There was no line waiting at the light (whew) and all three lights were green (a miracle in and of itself).  We paid for 12.5 gallons of gas–my tank is a 13 gallon tank (double whew).  I did tell Hubby that if we did run out his butt was walkin all by himself to the gas station and I would wait (like I am gonna leave my Nelly-yes the car is named- on the side of the road!)  From there we went to McDonalds (Cause I haven’t been in awhile and I had serious craving for the french fries and a Big Mac) which of course was filled with two children’s soccer teams runnin around in their cleats and lookin all adorable (BLEH).  We found an isolated corner that had a wall (can you believe it?!) which cut off our two seater table from the rest of the restaurant.  Hubby called it the “Make Out Corner” for the weekday (since it is right down the street from the high school) and the “IF Corner” for the weekends.  That man! Such a nut!  Either way I was glad to have my meal in semi-peace.  I grew to regret the meal though–my stomach hurt so bad after I was finished eating that I determined that it was a pretty piss-poor idea to eat fast food for lunch.  It was really really good though. 

 We went to my heaven (also known as Barnes and Noble Booksellers) where I went to find a crochet lace  pattern book so that I could make a christening outfit for my friend’s baby (who I just found out this weekend will be a boy).  Well they didn’t have anything for crochet lace or much of anything for crochet at all.  It was all knits!  ARGH!  I want to learn how to knit-yes.  However, right now what I know is crochet and so that will produce the right results every time so that is what I want to do!  It was a bit of a Bah Humbug kind of moment so we left the store without me buying one book (GASP!!).  Hubby did get a couple of books on effective public speaking though. From there we went on post to pick up a few things from the Post Exchange (PX).

OK.  Only one thing from the PX.

I bought a Bissell SpotBot which I am so excited about.  We have crazy stains in the carpet here in our home.  The dogs have added a couple more in their room (with four bedrooms why not give them their own) so I figured the investment would be good.  Not to mention that its not a full size cleaner so it won’t take up too much space (It’s the perfect size) and  fit into the back of the coat closet.  Well, first thing I did when we got home was to read the manual and set it up.  Totally took out the stains in the dogs room!!!  So now its time to tackle the nasty stains that the previous tenants left in their wake.

We did go to the Commissary (grocery store) and I decided that instead of buying two weeks at a time we would just do one.  I am not entirely sure when my family is coming down for the holidays and my Big Daddy is still on a semi-strict diet from his heart surgery ( a little over three years ago–almost caused him to miss our wedding–remind me to tell you the story another time) so I want to take my mom with me.  It was so fast!  and our cart seemed so empty but we spent exactly half of what we usually spend so I guess it’ll work eh?  We only needed to venture down the aisles for a couple items but we stuck mainly to the outside of the store–which means that even though we had to encounter the obviously fertile population of the post we didn’t have to stand there waiting for them to move themselves out of the way to get to an item on a shelf.   It only took us like 30 minutes too!  How great was that?

On Sunday we watched football (of course) and were very upset at the Jaguars performance against the Colts (normally I would cheer for Colts but the Jags take priority).  Hubby decided he wanted to go bowling so we jumped into the car, called a couple of friends who declined the invite and headed on post.  We got pulled over for random search (which is fine).  Hubby took the book out of the glove compartment so I got a bit upset because that is where I keep all the stuff for the car.  Turns out he threw it in the trunk.  Anyway so they told us to open everything (doors, trunk, hood) and step away from the car.  So we did.  Hubby handed them the paperwork.  Which of course they took.  Unfortunately the insurance card that he handed them was expired so the jerks automatically call the MP’s to come out.  I was like ‘UHH, I am pretty sure we have a copy of the recent card” but they wouldn’t let me go near the car.  Me thinks some folks were on a power trip.

So we wait. 

and wait.

and wait.

Thirty minutes later the MP comes up the drive.  He takes the paperwork from the security guards, doesn’t say a thing to us, and proceeds to write the ticket—at the back of the car.  The car we aren’t allowed to go near until they are done.  The opposite side of the car from where we are standing.  He then calls over Hubby (blatantly ignoring me–which pisses me off).  I go with him and stand close to the man so I can hear what in the world he is saying.  I know that Hubby was getting more and more upset with the situation (he felt as though one of the guards was purposely instigating something by the way he was interacting with Hubby) and when Hubby gets upset he doesn’t register exactly what is being said.  The MP asked Hubby for his unit information and then proceeds to tell him that he is gonna have to go to the brig!  As in jail.  As in locked up until someone from his command can come and get him out.  I was like WTF?!  Here is a sample of the conversation.

MP to H: She can take the car home.  You are going to have to come with me…blah blah blah

Me to MP: Excuse me?

MP to Me: Who are you? (insert snotty tone of voice and a glance of scathing intended to intimidate and frighten me)

Me to MP: His wife

MP: mumble mumble mumble -Look at me over his glasses

Me: Excuse me?

MP to Me: You don’t have to get snippy

Me to MP: If you spoke clearly I wouldn’t have to ask you to repeat yourself (I admit at this point I was getting “snippy”).

MP: Proceeds to ignore me and speak solely to Hubby as though I didn’t exist. ends with the phrase “no insurance”

Me to MP: We have insurance

MP: (speakin in that snooty tone once again) no you don’t. 

Me to MP: (more than a little aggravated at this point) Yes, we do.  We pay for it every month. I just re-registered my car which requires insurance to do so. Can we call the insurance company for verification?

MP: mumble mumble mumble NO.

Me: Why not? That would prove to you that we do have current, up to date insurance and save us the hassle of tickets and jail.

MP: Ignore everything I just said

MP to Hubby: Initial here, here, and here. Sign here.  Not an admission of guilt just that you got the ticket.

Me to Hubby: Don’t sign it.

MP to Me: Excuse me?

Me to Hubby: Since he wants to take you in anyway, you can sign it when we get there.

MP: Yes, you can do it that way if you’d like.  Please get in your car and I will escort you.

So we get in the car.  I search some of the other containers in our car and TA DA…there is our proof of insurance!  DUH…I knew it was in the car but they wouldn’t let us near our car.  So I handed it to Hubby and told him to go show the guy.  I stayed in the car as to prevent a mouthing off to whatever might come out of that man’s mouth.  Hubby got in the car and almost drove off to the bowling alley.  BUT I told him to wait.  I pulled out my note pad and got out of the car.

I took the names of all three security guards.  I took the name of the MP and his ID information.  Hubby went straight to his superior officer this morning with those names and information and told them what happened. I won’t know what (if anything) will happen to these guys but it makes me feel better knowing that they were reported.  The security guards could have stood there with me as I searched for the insurance papers.  The officer could have let us verify insurance with the insurance company (which I have never before heard of any officer refusing to do) and just written a ticket for something less than no insurance at all.

Anyway, after that we spent two hours bowling.  At first it was just chucking the ball down the lane in pure frustration but then we started to really play. I came thisclose to getting my first turkey but alas I suffered a sport related injury.  We tied in games won and I hurt my hip!  It hurts even today.  No extensive walkin for me at this point.   Which is fine cause it gave me time to write the hidiously long post.

If you made it this far..kudos to you 😀

Til we meet again.

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  1. geohde permalink
    December 3, 2007 2:02 pm

    I don’t know whether to join you in delight over the shoes, relief over the gas, or anger over the idiot MP.

    All three it is.


  2. December 4, 2007 3:27 pm

    Don’t you love power trips? I have lots of stories like that about the US border between Canada and US. Note that I said US side. ugh.

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