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Weekend/Holiday Roundup

November 27, 2007

So its been a few days eh?  Sorry about that.  I don’t really have a good excuse even with the holidays.  We don’t have family here or friends.  We spent Thanksgiving Day cursing the cable company because we woke up extra early to catch all of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.  We were up at 630 in the morning so that we could bundle up and make some hot cocoa and watch the floats, balloons, bands etc.  Just to find that our digital cable was having digital interference.  We got glimpses of clear picture–which of course did not correlate with the sound.   GEEZ. 

I also spent alot of time on the telephone talking to friends and family.  Found out that we are new Aunt and Uncle for real—Hubby’s older sister and husband finalized the adoption of two children the week before last!  Our Niece is about 13 months and our Nephew is about 2 months (probably closer to 3 months).  They are biologically siblings and my SIL and BIL are so glad and grateful they could adopt the both of them.  The failed adoption before was really heartbreaking because they had paid for the health-care of the birth-mother during her pregnancy, were there for the birth of the child and brought her home for a week and a half.  When it came time for the formal proceedings the birth-mother changed her mind- which is great that she took responsibility but heartbreaking for all of us in the family because of all that was invested.  I am very very happy for them and the family is so excited and was so excited to have the kids for Thanksgiving.  My IL’s were excited to have their first Grandchildren that the kids got presents for Thanksgiving!! We are happy to go Christmas shopping for them—the trick will be to get something for the little ones that my IL’s wont get first.  The news certainly makes me more amicable to go visit in May so we can meet them in person.

OHH, and on Thursday Friday and Saturday  I couldn’t get online either… I was very bitter.

Then it was my birthday on the 24th.  And Hell froze over.  HEHEHE… a little pun on the name of the city here- El Paso.  I know many military personnel who refer to it as hELl Paso or Purgatory because there isn’t much to do around here that is fun- and legal (of course I don’t know this first hand but I have heard this from a couple of locals I have asked) and it is hot for the majority of the year.    Anyway… it snowed here.  Almost 10 inches!  I was so excited that I literally checked through every window in this house.  I am gonna have to make a separate picture post so that I can share them with all of you out there in La-La land.  I was so excited that I missed the half sheet chocolate cake that my Hubby got me for my birthday– along with Shrek the Third and Superman: Doomsday (which was more for him than for me–but it was still good). 

We did go out and get decorations for the Christmas tree this year as we wanted to change from our usual creame and gold theme to a red and silver.  Soo pretty.  We also got a couple of space heaters because for one reason or another our house heating isn’t working as well as it probably should.  The best purchase though was a warming pad for the bed with dual controls!!  LOVE IT.  Omgsh!  Our sheets and comforter are toasty warm when we get in, we can adjust the individual sides so if I want it warmer than he is comfortable with then its ok.

The only drawback to the snow is that my dog, Blade, had issues with his paws (they got boots too by the way) chapping and bleeding.  And so I have blood spots on my carpet and I am thinking that with the payday I am gonna pick up a Bissel spot cleaner so that it doesn’t look as though we killed something and drug it through the house.

Our Anniversary was yesterday as well.  Since it was Monday we didn’t do anything.  We went out to eat on Sunday.  Had a great meal and good conversation.  Babies did come up and Hubby and I had good conversation.  He’s still holding out hope for this cycle…three years is right around the corner.  I explained to him where I was at (which isn’t really that far from the beginning). 

I have had some crying episodes to the dismay of Hubby but they were triggered by the television with all the “family Christmas” oriented things that are on these days.   He says that maybe it was a good thing that the cable was screwed up.  I don’t know.  I have some ideas to blog about over the next couple of days so that my blog doesn’t die.
I do thank you all who did drop by for a visit during my dead zone time. 

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  1. November 27, 2007 2:13 pm

    omgosh how did you get 10 inches in TEXAS??? That is crazy!!! I am glad to hear about your new niece and nephew – it sounds like a beautiful story!

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