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November 20, 2007

Happy Pre-Holiday Tuesday folks.So Hubby came home with a bag full of stuff from the community for Thanksgiving.  It was quite the surprise.  I am glad though because now I won’t have to worry about gravy and veggies, but I still have to go to the market (since it is a Spanish market and I can’t send Hubby as he doesn’t understand) to pick up things for mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes.

I am now an “Auntie” again.  One thing I absolutely love about both Hispanics and Asians (Pacific Islanders more specifically) is that family or not by blood–you are still family so anywhere you go there is always “family” there.  We have friends in Ga that their son J has been callin me Auntie for most of his life. His baby brother X was just starting to talk when we left and he was workin on it (I like to think that “AWWiEE” is his take on the word).  He used to see me and yell it across the room to run to me and at the holidays it was too sweet to have him bring me something and say “Love you Auntie”.   So here we have met a few Pacific Islander families and of course yesterday I got a phone call from K “Auntie, are you coming to our house for Thanksgiving?” Awe–heart breaker, so we’ll head over there about mid-day and spend some time playing outside and watching football.  Its great especially since my siblings won’t be able to make it down for the weekend as my youngest brother got a new job and hes the one with the car.

I have to go since my Preggy friend is complaining to me on the phone about her pregnancy and how bloated she is and how she got maternity clothes a couple days ago and shes less than 5wks—I have to have full mental capabilities to veer the conversation away.
I’ll come back later

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  1. November 20, 2007 3:31 pm

    Ugh on the phone call. I know someone who started wearing maternity clothes before she even had a belly too. They kept falling down. DUH. so stupid.

    Anyway.. your thoughts on pacific islanders and such touched me since I’m married to one. I do know what you mean, and it IS a wonderful custom.. along with revering your elders and caring for the less fortunate.

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