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Weekend roundup

November 19, 2007

Isn’t it amazing how one thing can ruin a perfectly good weekend? 

OMGsh.  I am actually SEETHING because I am so pissed.   I was actually looking forward to posting today because I had a really good weekend for the most part and I actually did some things worth noting.  This morning I had the plan…Laundry and between loads I was gonna come and document my weekend.  I woke up early and everything so that I could make sure to get it done before Hubby got home. 

Then I walked into the garage.

Apparently my Husband had learned nothing from my previous rant about clean clothes on the floor of the garage, or piling his dirty clothes in front of the washing machine because that is what I found when I went in there.  Since it is something that I keep saying over and over and over and over again it really is pissing me off that I have to wake up to that.  Especially since I did the laundry last week and there was only the load of whites in the dryer and the last load of tee-shirts in the laundry basket—just waiting to be folded.   What do I find today?  Somehow three piles (Knee deep mind you)  of miscellaneous clothes have appeared from apparently nowhere and the clean clothes that were in the basket– half of them are underneath those piles and the rest are still in the basket but dirty gym clothes are mixed in with them.  My dryer only has three socks (none of which match) in it and the rest are all on the floor.

Screw the @#$* laundry.  He can do his own from here on out and he can do all the crap that he saw so freakin fit to throw on the floor.  I guess today I can just chill, read a good book and work on this blanket.


Anyway, so this weekend was really good.  Hubby helped clean the house so that he could invite his friends over for the UFC fight.  On Saturday we got up kind of early and finished up on the house then we piled the dogs into the back of the car and headed out to PetSmart to get them some short leashes because we were going to the Dog Lover’s Fair!  For some reason they lost their minds in PetSmart but we did end up getting the leashes-just not any of the other items I had intended on getting.  Anyway, so we got to the fair after more traffic than I have seen since we left Atlanta.  Skye had the time of her life I think.  Blade was a bit wary but I think that is because Hubby was a bit wary of all the dogs there and he’s not the most confident when it comes to handling the dogs anyway.

But there were alot of rescue groups there and our dog baker was there.  Skye saw her and was all lovey with her (not to mention crazy excited because she got free treats).  She sniffed her way through the fair–dog to dog and occasionally sneaking a sniff and a lick of a baby or child as they passed.  She misses her little W (my best friends baby, My Little Man, mentioned in previous posts).  It did make me a little sad to see the kids there but since there were more dogs than anything it wasn’t a really big problem. 

I did show some restraint when it came to the rescue dogs.  I almost brought home a boxer pup (10 months) named Bailey.  She and Skye were having such a blast with each-other and Skye would always make her way back to Bailey when we walked away from the rescue tent.  Bailey would just lay down and wait for Skye to come back.  It was too cute.  However, as much as I fell in love with her- we already have two big dogs who barely fit into the backseat of our compact car and its already difficult enough moving with the ones we have.  I am still thinking about her today but I know that our next dog is gonna have to be a small or medium sized breed.

I did find a boarding company that I am excited about-its actually a grooming/boarding company.  You must understand that I have NEVER left the dogs overnight anywhere. Everywhere we go they go.  I don’t mind it and they are part of our family so for us its not even a question of if they go with us or not.  However, we are planning the big baby compensation trans-Atlantic cruise to France and the UK in a year and the dogs aren’t allowed to go with us.  I am starting to look into places.  Anyway, this particular place has a limited boarding program- meaning that with the way they do things you have to pre-schedule. 

Well–how do they do it?  You may be asking.

The owners keep the dogs in their own house with them!  They invite the owner to come and set up the set-aside dog room so that it is as much like home as possible.  The dogs would ride into work with the owners and go home with them at night.  They are fed on the same schedule as they would be if we were there.  I think that is such a great system!  Anyway, I have an appointment to view the place after the new year so that I can evaluate the environment, spend some more time with the owners, etc.  If it works out then that would be GREAT.  The pricing is pretty reasonable as well. 

Of course, I would want the dogs to be more trained then they are now and of course the AKC (American Kennel Club) was there with their information on training classes.  I always wanted to get Skye into agility but shes got to go through the beginner classes and all that.  I paid for her to do the puppy training at PetSmart and it was helpful then but so expensive.  The Kennel Club is so much more reasonable!  I am gonna try and get them into the new class that starts in January.  For both of them to take classes it will cost the same as if one of them were taking classes at PetSmart.  Not to mention, Hubby will be able to go with me since it is on the weekends and that will/ should give him more confidence in being and handling the dogs.  So its good all around.  The trainer I spoke with at the fair said that Skye has a great people personality and that she would make a great therapy dog (I always thought so too because she is so loving and people oriented)- So that is gonna be my goal for Skye  next year–get her into agility and her therapy certification.   As for Blade, he is more of a dog-oriented kind of guy but when he’s comfortable in the environment then he gets just like Skye.  So my goal for him will be to increase his confidence in himself around strangers and get his therapy certification as well.  He’s kind of clumsy so I don’t think he would be that great in agility but who knows!?  He might surprise me.

At 3:45 we had to leave because we had to pick up the Filipino food we had ordered for the fight.  We made it there and then came back home–the egg-rolls made it home too–which was a big feat for us because they are sooooo good.  Then we went to Wal-Mart.

OMGsh! We haven’t been to wal-mart in six months (which is when we first got here).  It was crazy nuts!  The sheer number of people trying to manuver around eachother was more than what we encounter on post.  Anyway, Wal-Mart has the best honey-glazed BBQ chicken in case you were wondering and we ordered about two pounds so the guys would have chicken (but mostly I got it for me) along with some brisket and hot-wings.   Some guy was behind us in line at the counter….dropped a rather large case of beer- apparently in glass bottles and instead of telling someone about it– he kicked it underneath one of the produce stands!  WTH?!!  Even the liquid on the floor he was using his sneaker to push underneath the stand.  How retarded.  Anyway, we went on to get the drinks and stuff for me to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies….and we get a phone call that one of the guys is already at the house— at 5!  The fight didn’t start until 8 so we told them between 7 and 8 would be fine to show up.  So the guy went to the store and ordered 2 large pizzas and went to wait for them so we could have time to come home (are you noting exactly how much food we have gotten at this point? Yeah–crazy)

 Anyway, about 10 guys and one wife showed up which was a good amount of people for our rather small living room- but they all fit.  We have so much food left over-enough to last to Thanksgiving- where I will again make enough food to last a week (especially since its just the two of us).  The couple (the one guy whose wife wanted to come) stayed until 230..most left at 2.

AHH The Wife.  I can tell shes not really much of a fighting fan.  She cornered me in the kitchen when I went in there for a cola between a couple of the under-card fights–and I summarily missed most of the next fight and almost missed the main fight.  Thank God she had to go to the bathroom!!!  She’s a chatter–not bad cause I can be a chatter to0- but I really wanted to watch the fight!  Anyway, I am sure we’ll have plenty more time to chat since we have to go to the Ball on Dec 14th and will more thank likly have to sit at the same table.  YUP… good ole Army Christmas Ball. 

I really would prefer not to go so I don’t have to get dressed up to eat and listen to the brass chat but since it is only optional in the fact that they get to choose if they go and do work detail or go and eat.  I have gotten ahold of some of the other wives in different companies and asked if any of them were going shopping.  I have plenty of formals but I need some nice shoes since I gave most of them away last year in the fall closet clean-up (which I have yet to do here by the way).  I should probably at some point try on some of the dresses to make sure they fit (since we all know how much fun the marriage of weight and TTC make with our bodies).  I have this gorgeous black and white strappy column dress that I am hoping still fits.  Its a low back.  The bodice is in the black sequins and the bottom is white.  The only thing is that I am still waiting for my O this cycle–I am on CD15 today and had full fern on the scope yesterday so if things work as they should then tomorrow should be O so AF should come and be done with her visit by the time the Ball rolls around (no pun intended of course), however, I am taking into consideration that because it is what I want to happen then O will delay for a couple weeks yet and the possiblity of AF being here during the Ball would be bad—white skirt and AF don’t mix well— or rather the paranoia won’t sit well with me.  So that one is on top of the list  for me to wear–but I have a black one (also a sheath) that is my backup option– I just need to find it and it needs to fit.

 Sunday was spent watching football.  My teams almost gave me heart attacks with the way they were playing in the first halves (especially the Colts) but they pulled out the win.  Dallas did great with Tony and T.O.  Of course the Pats plowed right through the Bills.

 My MIL called and asked me to make her another blanket for Christmas (I made her one for Mother’s Day/her birthday this year and she really likes it so wants another one) but I can’t find my pattern book to save my life.  I told hubby we are gonna have to go this week and get another one so I can start on it with enough time to finish for Christmas.

So everything was great–right up until this morning.  But now the dogs are just sleepin on their pillows, I am gonna go through my blogroll and check on everyone then continue on this baby blanket I am working through.  I think my sister may come down for the weekend (which would be wonderful for Thanksgiving and my birthday) but I am waiting to find out. 

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  1. geohde permalink
    November 20, 2007 12:00 am

    Man, you’ve been busy it would seem.

    Tsk tsk to your hubby….

    Mine can’t seem to put things in the machine, and it totally irritates me, too.



  2. November 26, 2007 11:04 am

    My husband is guilty of similar follies. It torques me off to no end as well.

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