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Interesting Read, Knitting, and more IF sorting

November 6, 2007

Now that I don’t feel like dying (thank you Auntie Flo for making my life misrible) I am come on here and actually type something.

 I would love to say that I had a wild crazy weekend but then I would be lying.  That would be sad.  Lying on my own blog so that its not boring.

Just because I didn’t feel like typing doesn’t mean though that I didn’t stop reading. There are some very interesting (in the nicest sense of the word) people out there in blog-land.  One guy named his blog “ Blogger”.  UHHH ok.  I tired to read a bit but was so distracted by the thought that everything I was reading was inspired while a man was dropping a load— EWE.   I couldnt’ tell you what it was about at all.  I also read a lot more and I am thinkin that I should have left the BB to the end of the list because now I am once again so assulted by visual images that I can’t think of the other – far more interesting and easier to read- blogs out there.

I also spent a few hours with the online video’s trying to teach myself how to knit.  Yup.  Like I need another yarn obession right?  I have always wanted to learn though so why not take the time of being laid up on the couch to actually learn something new right? The product of all that time is a 7″x3″ piece of something.  I got the knit stitch pretty much down, purling was a bit harder for me to get on with because my hands just don’t move like that.  For some reason I just kept dropping the entire left-handed needle.  I must say that I rock at binding off though. Not too tight, not too loose, and i didn’t even need to use a larger right hand needle.   So if anyone wants to knit something up I can help with that aspect.  The rest of it though… I won’t be any good for a while I think.  Today I am gonna crochet something really quick just so that I get my confidence back holding a hook.


Yesterday Hubby read my horoscope.  He said that if we were to believe it then 3 is my lucky number, that next month should bring what I have been working toward and that all that good fourtune will start with the full moon (which also happens to be directly on my birthday this year-24 Nov).  He said it in passing but it kind of tells me where he is at with this whole thing. He’s still holding out hope for an oops.  I asked him about it and he said that I was dead on (how do I do that?!).  He said that in his head- he’s holding out hope until we reach the 3– which will be next month– and then he’ll start to stop thinking about it.   I’m glad he told me where he’s at even though I had to ask him. 

I understand that I haven’t been the best person of late when it comes to the whole “family planning” thing since I am trying to deal with things.  Im glad he didn’t want me to feel as though he was putting on pressure.  I can’t take away a man’s hope right?  That would be bad.  Anyway, we agreed to forget the conversation so as soon as I hit the publish button I will flush it out of my head.

Its funny how I am completely into the zone of  “lets move on as quickly as possible”.  I want to stop as much of the emotional pain as I possibly can.  I know that even without trying there will be that sliver of hope at the end of every month.  I don’t mean that I will focus on that because I don’t plan to, but that isn’t to say a twinge of disappointment won’t happen when AF shows.  At least it won’t be what it has been.  That crazy emotional cycle of waiting, trying, waiting, hoping, waiting, no hope, waiting, flow–start all over again.   And then there is Hubby.  He still holds onto the hope for now.  He’s slower at jumping off the train than I am.  I think though that since everything is based on my cycle that I am the one who has to jump-go through the hurt and then stop the ride- so he can get off safely- as safely as I can make it.  

Does that even make sense?  Is it even right? 

I don’t know is the simple answer. 

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  1. November 6, 2007 5:59 pm

    Hey there … Just a quick note to tell you that if you’re a crocheter learning to knit, make sure you learn the “continental” or left-handed knitting style. I tried knitting the traditional right-handed way (I mean, I’m right-handed, after all), but since I had previously learned to crochet when I was young, I had a hard time learning to knit … that is, until a friend showed me the continental way of knitting. Here’s a way you don’t have to worry about dropping that left needle!!

    Also, I can completely relate to the whole sliver of hope every month. Some months are better than other in trying to “tame” the glimmer of hope, but yet …

    So much for this being a quick post. Anyway, hope you have a great day!!

  2. geohde permalink
    November 6, 2007 8:39 pm

    I don’t know is often a very good answer, too.


  3. November 9, 2007 8:09 am

    If you want to learn to knit, I cannot more highly recommend Lucy Neatby’s DVD series. They are AWESOME. I had the pleasure of taking a weekend workshop with her earlier this year, and it was awesome!

    Here’s hoping things go well for you!



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