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November 3, 2007

I am guessin my bad mood yesterday is filtering over into today.  I started cramping last night, spotting this morning… probably the end of this cycle.  Our frist cycle not trying. 

How do I feel?  I don’t know.  Things have been irritating me over the last couple days and I am pretty sure it has to do with this…

Yesterday we went to a boxing match on post. It was the companies of 1st Ar.mored Division.  I thought that hey… there are gonna be guys there and their g/f, wives etc.  Yeah so did not expect to be buffeted by pregnant people and new borns.  No matter where I went.  I found myself seeking out their right wrists..hoping to see a flash of pomergranate. 

Not one.  Plenty of children, strollers, belly rubbing  and I just felt really alone again.  Not to mention Hubby’s workers makin jabs and whatnot about what they think our sex life is.  Jerks.  Lucky for them they were taking care of the fighters.  I was in a bad mood.


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