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I am Alive– Happy Halloween

October 31, 2007

So the soup went well and I am alive to enjoy another day and another bowl of soup.  It should be SOOO much better since its been melding overnight in the fridge… YUMMM.

Anyway, so things are going goin here in the house of me.  My friend is calling me and asking about fertility so I am explaining things to her.  Interesting.  She started the conversation with ” If you know the answer to this question then it will be wierd”. 

Ok I am done with the phone call.  I thought I would be able to type and talk at the same time but then she started to ask me about her chart so then I was teaching her all about things and I couldn’t keep typing.

I am glad that its halloween… mainly because that is when they play the pre-bleached Michael Jackson hit “Thriller”.  I love that song!  Seriously, I do the stupid little dance and everything in the kitchen too.  Apparently the dogs like it too because they get up off their lazy butts (gee…wonder where they get that from) and go into the kitchen and start waggin the tails and jumpin around.  I like to think that is them dancin. 

I do hope that no kids come by tonight for trick-or-treating cause I got nothing to give them.  I ate all the candy we bought and unless Hubby has the presence of mind to buy some before he comes home I do not see the supply makin like manna.

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