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Ok.. Part Two.. or Part One Cause You’ll See this First…

October 29, 2007

but know that the post before this one was first 😀

Get it? Got it?  GOOOOOOD <wink wink>

Anyway, so for the other part of my issues.  Today in the much time I spent in the car, I started thinking about when I have dealt with this what comes next?  Not in the sense of what is around the corner in the road that I KNOW is coming–its just beyond my horizion at this moment–but rather my emotions.  When I have worn through all the roads and emotions that lead me to where I am now and eventually where I will be…

what then?  I would think happiness with getting through this valley but what about other emotions? Relief? Fear of the future?

My dread is that I’ll be sad.  I will be sad that I am not sad anymore (if that makes any kind of sense).

Odd thoughts right?  I shouldn’t even be thinking those things because by the time I actually get to that point I’ll hopefully be a completely different person.  I’ll have dealt with the majority of my issues and gained the coping skills to deal with the ones that are left.  I hope to be content with where I am in life so that those thoughts I am thinking now will just be a post in the archives of this blog. 

I guess that is all apart of just getting it out there huh?

Til we meet again, Elusive Reader (I really like that but its getting a bit redundant don’t ya think?)

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  1. October 30, 2007 6:16 am

    Only some folks are Elusive Readers. I am an In Your Eye kind of Reader. 😉

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