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Flashing Caution Lights

October 29, 2007


I’ve been going, going, going all day long.  Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but I am one who not only NEEDS sleep, but loves every minute of it.  Last night Hubby wasn’t exactly condusive to sleeping and I couldn’t get up and sleep in the other room.  See I have pain issues.  Sometimes its so severe that I can’t sleep in our bed.  Its too soft and Hubby is a “shifter”.  He moves constantly when he sleeps.  Most times it isn’t  a problem but on the exception I have to literally sleep in the guest room.  The bed is firmer and I can settle myself in the least painful position and not have to worry about his movements sending wave after wave at me.  So of course we have an agreement that if it gets to that then I can do what I need to and he won’t be offended.  Last night wasn’t a pain issue.  It was a snoring one.  He’s not generally prone to snore but lately his sinues have been a bit congested.  From 1130 to 330…it was like a train in my ear. I FINALLY get to sleep and his alarm goes off— two HOURS ahead of when it should have.   And does he shut it off?  Of course not because he just loves him some snooze button.

Anyway, I am gonna make  a couple of posts back to back since I don’t want a HUGE rambling post.  This one is strictly accounting for my day.  So from when I finished the dishes and put them up I chilled a bit more online.  I thought “hey I should probably get my butt moving so that I can catch the vet before they go on their freakin TWO HOUR lunch break.  So off I go.  Traffic is good since the kiddos are in school and its that time before people start heading out to lunch.  So I get their and the place is CLOSED.  WTF?! 

Literally.  This thought not only passed through my mind, but flashed- in the way that a caution sign would at an accident.  It is only by the grace of God that it didn’t pop out of my mouth in that same “flashing” theme.  I should probably say that in the last three weeks I have been there four times and not once have they been open.

So I asked one of the store workers where the vet was? Lunch? Already? at 10:30 in the morning?  Must be nice. 

Ohhh I should probably clarify that I have both dogs on the Banfield Wellness Plan.  Here in the States, the Banfield Pet Hospital  is located within/ attached to the PetSmart chain of pet stores.  They have been on this plan since they were both puppies–literally the day after I picked them up from the breeder I had them in to see the Doc.  Anyway, in Georgia it was a great hospital.  Anytime I could walk in and someone would be there to help. The hours of operation were from 6:30 AM to 8 PM. Not here apparently.

Here is what I was told, the VET only comes in on Tuesdays unless you make an appointment (flash flash flash).  The actual hospital is only open from Tuesday thru Saturday (flash flash flash). Their daily hours of operation are 9-11 and 2-6 (flash flash flash–insert RED around the outskirts of my vision).

Basically, I am screwed if either one of the dogs gets hurt on any day but Tuesday and hopefully not between the hours of 11 and 2, before 9 or after 6.


I can’t wait until the new PetSmart down the street opens then I can switch their plans over to that one. I am crossing my fingers that one is more like the one we had in GA.  Maybe they just spoiled me.  I knew all the doctors (can you say THREE during the weekday and two on the weekends), the nurses (all by name), AND the receptionists by name.  They knew the dogs on sight.  I miss the place.

Anyway, at that point I was throughly upset (no preggy people though so that was a plus) so I decided to head on over to Barne and Nobles bookstore.  OMGsh! Its like bringing an addict to a crack house!  I saw a couple of books from new writers that I wanted to read, a new one by Diana Gabaldon

 ~(Random Insert: I am watching DWTS and can I just say I hope I look as hot as Jane Seymore does at 56 years old after four kids two of which are twins!!)~

…which is the Lord John Series. The first book of which came out in August and the Second is coming out in November.  Twenty bucks though. Yeah, I can’t spend that.  Anyway so I ended up getting a biography on the city of Paris (should be really good), another one called “The Society of S” I think.  Its kind of odd association on S, a kind of society that happens to have vamps in it.  Its kind of a mystery/suspense.  It was on sale for four dollars though, the first book was six.  So two books for half the cost of one.  WOOO the addict got her fix!

I also couldn’t resist buying one for Hubby.  Real Simple:Cleaning.  Now he absolutely cannot say that he doesn’t know how to clean something– like the toilet.  He wasn’t too thrilled when I presented it to him, but I am loving it!!

From there I went to the post office to send my grandmother her legal paperwork.  Smelled like a smokers club.  Then I had to stand in line for lunch and bring it to Hubby, Drive him all over and back to work, then off  to the Commissary.

It was pretty good for the most part.  Of course, my no-preggy people streak was over the second I walked into the door– or rather the second I rolled into the parking lot–but Oh well.  At least it wasn’t like it normally was…going down the aisles feeling like a bowling ball goin down the lane with the bumpers on the side.

So by this time its mid-afternoon.  I am like 15 minutes from the house and Hubby calls to tell me he’s ready to get home.  I cannot turn around because I have milk, eggs, and frozen products.  So I get home rush to put those things in their respective places and headed back out to the post. 

So that is pretty much my day.  Productive to spite the whole lack of sleep thing. So its good.

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  1. October 30, 2007 6:15 am

    “I FINALLY get to sleep and his alarm goes off— two HOURS ahead of when it should have. And does he shut it off? Of course not because he just loves him some snooze button.”

    One time last year before Zeno got sick, he had set his alarm for some stupid O’dark-thirty time. As we were going to bed I laughed at him and told him there was NO WAY he was actually going to get up that early. He ignored me. The next morning the alarm went off. Did he get up? Hells No! After about an hour of that thing going off, it was still only like 4 or 5 am and I was LIVID. I got up, turned the light on, and started yelling. He got all huffy and put on his clothes and didn’t want to talk to me. I informed him that I didn’t want to talk to him at that hour either, but SINCE I WAS AWAKE, we might as well “talk”. Although we had a HUGE fight that lasted several days, I am happy to report he hasn’t pulled that BS since. Mission Accomplished. 😉

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