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I Tried to Come Up with a Witty Title, but I Couldn’t

October 28, 2007

Hey Elusive Reader,

Do you like my new name that I have assigned to you elusive readers who I see come and read my blog but don’t leave a comment.  Its ok, I understand.  You find me through google or whatever search engine you use.  My many ranges of topics and general randomness causes my particular blog to pop up on your list and you click your way to my little corner of the world.  I think its kind of funny that outside of Filipino History Month (which is this month for those of you who don’t know) my most oft search term is ” stupid husband“.  I am sure many many women out there can relate to the feeling I had and expressed in that particular post.   Anyway, I thank you for visiting my humble abode.  Until we meet again.

Moving right along with my regular scheduled programming.  Ok, obviously today I haven’t done are darn thing but watch some television.  This time of year is always prime for interesting television with Halloween coming along.    I do plan on making a whole post specifically dedicated to exactly what my thoughts are on the whole thing inspired by my husband who scoffed at some of my beliefs but then saw where I was coming from.  I won’t give anymore away because then I won’t have anything to blog about later so back to my lazy day today.

Yesterday I busted out with the cleaning of the majority of the house.  Why, you may ask?  Well because since we moved in I haven’t exactly been the best domestic engineer (I know you like that phrase).  It just all rolled up into this huge ball of stuff that needed to get done.  First was the move and with 250 plus (which I include because I am actually a bit ashamed of how must stuff we actually have) boxes (yes I know because the military tags every box/large item with a number) it is definitely at the point of overwhelming (I think that is my new favorite word).  Then we got most of the boxes unloaded and put up but still miscellaneous things are laying around. 

Been really tired, and with the end of ” The Journey” I just haven’t felt like doing anything.   Of course, Husband ( I should make him a name for here— I’ll have to think about that) feels as though he doesn’t have the time to help me out even though he spends hours doing absolutely nothing of substance.   Because of my fibromyalgia and CFS- doing so much pretty puts me out for a day.  So today I sat on the couch, watched football, the history channel and made a baby blanket- which should soon be photolisted on the Craft Record page since all I really have left to do is the binding.How does that go for self-tourture?  Making baby blankets for other people’s babies?  I don’t know.  I guess I don’t think to much about it since it keeps my hands busy while I watch the telly.  I mean otherwise I would be sitting on my butt doing absolutely nothing.  How would THAT look?

So anyway to continue in the random thinking, I am very proud of myself today.  I am really addicted to the internet- which is ok for the most part.  Look at me- still trying to justify it but I can’t help it.  All my friends live in my computer!  Seriously.  Not. Even. Lying.  But today I hardly spent any time on here.

This is how much time I spend online.  Every morning I check/read every new post from every link in my Blogroll, I must check in on my peeps at Loungeplace, glance in at the possible drama of FF, do the myspace/facebook thing (which most times is fruitless— unfourtunately), check in here to see my stats page (because I am vain like that–not really but it lifts my spirits to see that others relate to me in some way) and then I get on with my day, often a couple hours after I have started.

I also came to the conclustion that at some point I would love to learn to read at least three to five different languages- in additon to the two I can read now: Spanish and English.  What are those languages you may ask? (it doesn’t really matter if you are askng or not because I am gonna tell you anyway so I don’t even know why I asked).  French,Latin, Italian and German.  Yeah… that should prove to be interesting.  I don’t think it will ever happen but who knows?  I didn’t say ‘speak’ for a very specific reason- my brain can’t seem to handle speaking more than one language at a time.  I spoke strictly Spanish from when I started speaking til the age of five.  I learned English by translating from Spanish.  From that point on- speaking it just doesn’t come easily to me even though I understand for the most part and can read with understanding.  Wierd, I know but that is just the way I am.  OHH and Dutch– because of a lady on LP who has a blog but its written in Dutch– and I am so nosey that I want to know what she is saying!

Get ready….

I am about to completely change subjects….

I really hate the longish months like October.  With the military you can get paid once a month or twice- the 1st (last day of the month previous) and the 15th (14th).  Well in months like this one there is three weeks between the 14th and the 31st so it totally screws with my budget.  So tomorrow I am going to do the grocery shopping with the good ole credit card since its our normal shopping day.  I hate using the credit card but hey when ya gotta…ya gotta.

Ok, so the rambling is over.  I know you are semi-disappointed that it wasn’t on my progression  through the issue at hand (that would be Infertility for those of you who are just poppin in on this post due to some vague reference made here but Google decided would pick up on), but I do plan on posting on that relatively soon (meaning the next few days- Wednesday at the latest).

I hope you all had great weekends, or as well as it could be.

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