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October 11, 2007

So JourneyToJunior tagged me to list 7 quirky/unusual things about myself

 1.  I broke my face my senior year of highschool.  Seriously.  I broke it in two places and fractured it right in the middle.  Did you know that there is a nerve INSIDE of your cheekbone and when its broken you can’t feel a thing? I got hit with a pop fly softball from a pitching machine.  I looked like the freakin elephant man.  It happened in January and by the time I graduated in May the imprint from the stitches could still be seen on my face.

2.  I am a history buff.  My favorite channels are History, History International, Discovery, and National Geo. Basically anything that will teach me something about the past.  Favorite era would have to be WWII, American Civil War, Holocaust.  Basically–any low point of human history I like to read about and study.  A person can learn more about the past that way then in lookin at the high points in my very honest opinion.

3.  When I was little I wanted to be a fashion designer.  Seriously.  No lie.  I used to design clothes and my grandmother would sew them up for me.  Its funny because I can care less about fashion now… jeans and a tee shirt– no make up is the kind of gal I am.

4. I have been crocheting for more than half my life.  I learned when I was five from a neighbor in our building.  It was her birthday present to me for my fifth birthday.  When I crochet now I think of her because she died about 13 years ago.  This november I will have been crocheting for 20 years.

5.  I really want a tatoo.  But I haven’t gotten one yet because I’d rather pay the bills.  That and I can’t decide what I want on my body for life. 

6. Im really a boring person now- but I didn’t used to be.  Not that I was a party girl cause I wasn’t but I was more fun back in the day then I am now.  Its sad but true.

7.  When I shop I break the price down.  Like if a pair of pants are 20 dollars it gets broken down to 10 dollars a leg.   I do it for shirts, pants, skirts, even under garments.  Yeah.. its wierd..but it saves me alot of money.

I have no idea who to tag—Do I have to?

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  1. journey to junior permalink
    October 12, 2007 7:09 am

    we are a lot alike, actually. i AM a fashion designer (after making a career change), although on hiatus at the moment. i’m also boring now but wasn’t in the past. and i, too, find history amazing. thanks for doing this!

    also, could you change my name to journey to junior – i still like to ride under the radar on the net! thanks!

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