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DWTS- Wk 2

October 1, 2007

So tonight was good too…not everyone gave the greatest performance but overall–compared to other seasons—this was still a great week 2.

Its like they went straight to week five or something!!

Can I just say that when I am 56 I hope my legs look as good as Jane Seymore’s?  And I hope my body looks that good in lycra and fringe at that age too.  She did a great job today especially considering her back issues!  I know it has got to be tough doing all those hippy movements with those problems.

Sabrina!  Did wonderfully…I had to agree with Carrie Ann in that I was just a little bit worried that she wouldn’t do as well this week since ballroom is a completely different story BUT she still brought it!  Yay

and on the OTHER end of the spectrum– I was worried that Helio would have a problem with the Latin dances (wierd I know considering he *is* brazilian) because he did so well last week in ballroom.  He rocked it too..

 So all my choices did well today.

As for who may be goin home tomorrow– thats tough because Wayne is at the bottom and his audience may not be in the demographic that watch the show.  Must also consider though that he did have three concerts last week so he may have brought those viewers.

 So who else might suffer tomorrow?  It just maybe be Cuban again–I dont think hes got the built-in fan base to sustain him like the other’s do. 

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