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Dancing with the Stars~ The Men

September 26, 2007

So I meant to do this last night so things would be fresh in my mind..but you know what– I had to catch up with “Bones” and “House” so I went to bed kind of late.  I forgot to watch “The War- Ken Burns Documentary” Episode 3 which makes me kind of sad.


Back to DWTS.  I think the root of things at this point is that the only male at this point who has a chance is Helio.  Wayne was mediocre, Cuban was better than I expected, Mayweather didn’t do as well as I thought he would have but I think thats because he didn’t take it seriously.  If Mayweather makes it through this round (and I think that he will because a lot of boxing fans will be voting for him–and that model chick was really the worst out of all of them) I think we’ll see him more focused next week.

 Overall though-

I think the gals have got it this year.

Jane Seymore and Sabrina Bryan* (with Bryan winning of course)

*I think this is her name–the Cheetah girl

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