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The War~Ken Burns Documentary

September 24, 2007

I’m watching the documentary on PBS and even though I missed yesterday’s episode- watching this one is running with the thoughts I was trying to flesh out a few weeks ago.

Freedom and Sacrifice.

Its too often that we don’t remember those who fought in past wars–but more often when we don’t remember the sacrifice and patriotism that happened here on the home-front.  During WWII the things that were sacrificed for the war effort wouldn’t be heard of today–nylons, gas, flour, beef.

That I think is something that is missing from our country today.  Its so divided that even something as tragic as 9/11 doesn’t keep it united for very long- and the sad thing is when we are united we are quite the force.  The sacrifice just isn’t there these days.  I’m talkin about the general populace here.  We don’t act like we are in war because we don’t live like we are at war.  Outside of those families who have a loved one deployed-not many people’s  lives have changed on a daily basis.  They go to work, live their lives and hear about our war today as a by-line–as a campaign tactic.

I wonder how things would change if we today had the attitude of then?  I would guess surprisingly different.

I still can’t put all my thoughts into words.  They are so jumbled and different, but that is the general theme of them– freedom and sacrifice.  Today and the Past—and how our future will be.

Then comes the thought of the American sense of entitlement.  That’s a whole other thought line that I’m trying to flesh out

I guess no one person, much less one thought, is going to change things.


I would highly recommend this series.  Today is day 2 of 7 so there is still plenty to watch.  It is a great honor to those who fought and those at home who waited and worked.  The stories from those still alive today.

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