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Interesting Question:

September 9, 2007

Can God handle my bitterness??

 Well, DUH, He’s God right?!  He knew and knows where I am, the choices I’ve made, the way I handle things.  Why wouldn’t He be able to handle it?

I’d like to say it is a stupid question but it really isn’t.  There are so many things that test the faith.  Not just faith in God, but my faith in science, in people, in the world.  God knows when my bitterness will fade and He knows what will influence me and where my turning point is.

I just wish though that I knew.

So then I guess my question really is: Can *I* handle my bitterness.  What is it I have to learn? What point do I have to get to?  How far is that point from where I am at now?  Is it around the corner?  Is it years away?  Is this as hard as it gets or do I have harder things ahead?

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