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A Question for Everyone….and an Update of sorts

September 7, 2007

So I was browsing the many boards I frequent ( I won’t admit them now because I would just seem like some sort of “board freak”).

 Anyway, a line I have seen… which applies to many many different aspects of life

“Miracles happen if you Just Believe”

Now I have seen this for TTC, On Mommy Boards (don’t ask—I was optimistic for a little while early on), On Military Support sites, Spouse sites, etc.

 So here is the question:

“Is it still a miracle if you DON’T believe?”

I mean honestly I would think that it would be MORE of a miracle to someone who doesn’t believe in them right?  It makes what ever that situation is…so much more spectacular from a personal standpoint if the person it is affecting (who is saying/acknowledging it as a miracle) doesn’t genrally believe in them to start with?

I would love everyone’s answer…so if you read this… let me know your take on it.

On the Update:

In my Indifference post I said that my Step-Mother would be letting me know about the testing–and to prove that all that ranting was based more in fact than in feeling— All her tests came back normal–she doesn’t even have high-blood pressure.

She went home from the hosptial yesterday and instead of being happy that there is nothing medically wrong with her…

She made an appointment to see a Urologist as soon as she got home and is going today.  SIGH…

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  1. ilissa permalink
    September 7, 2007 12:10 pm

    i guess my first question is – in WHAT are we supposed to believe? that miracles happen generally? in god, who then makes miracles happen? or believe that whatever we want to happen in our lives WILL happen.

    i guess it is open to interpretation.

    i do agree with you that, yes, if you don’t believe in any of the above, and a “miracle” happens in life, then you would feel so much more incredulous about it than if you believe in one or all of the above things generally.

    i *think”. i’m going to ponder this a bit more…interesting point, though. thanks for bringing it up!

    oh, and UGH on your stepmother.

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