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19 DPO…or maybe 16DPO…OR maybe 14DPO?? HUH??

September 5, 2007

So yes folks.. I am now at 19 DPO…no sign of AF but lots of “wet” feeling like it gets before she shows up.  So still thinking that she is going to show.

So why 19  DPO?

Well … I am thinking— I have been taking a look at my chart (ok I have almost bored holes through the screen) and though it isn’t probable it is possible that I Ovulated later than what is detected.

If you read back you’ll see that for a few days it was rather questionable as to what was going on.  So heres my thinking.  If I O’d CD29 I may have just barely made that tiny window with our timing…but that would put me at 16DPO today.  Moving on a bit more…with a maybe day of CD31 that would make today 14 DPO….so if AF shows tomrrow or the day after then she would be right on time.  No chance of conception though.

Hubby came home and asked me if AF had shown today.  I told him no and he said good cause he hadn’t come to a 100% decision.

I did find out though that I will be all by myself next week as Hubby has field problems.  So if he’s leaning the way I think (and admittedly *want*) he’s leaning…then I will have all of next week to get myself through the very worse of the giving up.  It may be a bit rough on you readers but I really would rather that then putting Hubby through that. 

Wierd huh?

I think though that it will be good for me start it out alone…seeing as I am sure Hubby will be the same.  He’s the kind whose got to mull things over to himself before he shares…so maybe sittin out in the desert will give him the time to do that.  When he gets home we can figure out where to go from there- together–after he takes a good shower…cause they smell coming in from the field.

But look at me…already making a timetable and he’s not even told me his answer.

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