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Seriously? Like I didn’t know?

September 2, 2007


So this is from FF….I took a test (as stated in my previous post) and this shows up on my screen. Yes I know I tested negative thank you very much … I don’t need to be reminded of it…and yet.. its one of the special “features” I have paid for. Yeah… another reason why I won’t be renewing.

I am just a little bitter right now. Yes, big surprise as I have been doing so well lately. I guess it has to do with me feeling so poorly, mixed in with Hubby saying to me “are you sure you’re not pregnant?” over and over again.
I’ve not yelled at him or snapped at him or anything. I understand his need to come to terms with the BFN—as I rarely test it kind of got his hopes up along with my feeling so bad over the last few days. I can understand how hes trying to stay optimistic. He’s been online all day…researching things and askin me questions then lookin some more (don’t ask me where hes looking). He comes back and looks at me and says “are you SURE” with that look that is almost pleading with me to change the answer.

Not to mention Dec 15th coming up so quickly it seems. We are already in September….three months with cycles of 32+ days (as of right now I am on CD 42) leaves like two cycles left. Maybe three if the 15th is in my 2ww at the time.

URGH….I’m gonna wallow in my self-pity for a couple days….hoping that AF doesn’t take to much longer and mess with my fragile hope.

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