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Today’s Resolution 8/23 and Yesterdays Result

August 23, 2007

So yesterday I finished the Laundry…. the clothes we wear anyway.  I still need to wash the clothes that got put into storage while we were moving cause you never know what goes on in some of those places and since we never chose the place (the military did) and never saw the place….those have just been sittin in the garage until I get to them.  Luckily they are fall/winter clothes so that aren’t urgently needed right now.

As for working on my attitude… I didn’t really yesterday.  I thought about it some but I quite honestly quit caring so much after I posted my resolution.  Sometimes I guess you have to be happy with who you are… or at least content….


Today’s Resolution is to have fun today!!  Grandma and I are goin to be heading into Downtown El Paso and check the place out.  I am lookin for some fabric to finish a project.  I can’t really buy anything because STUPID me forgot all about my student loan payment!  So when I worked the budget I put a few extra dollars toward some other bills and so now I have no spending money.  Figures… its ok though since payday isn’t so far off.   At least though I will be out and about doing something with the Grandma.  She loves to shop so she should have a blast today.

 It will certainly be interesting to see what the people around here are like.  I am goin to bring my camera and we’ll see what I get.

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