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Today’s Resolution-8/21

August 21, 2007

So I haven’t done this in awhile…. I started a draft on the 7th but never finished it because I got distracted- as is normal for me.  I would swear I had some type of attention disorder but its not really true since it really just depends on my mood.

Yesterday I had a rather productive day since I stayed away from the telly in general and TCM (Turner Classic Movies) more specfically.  They have sucked me wth with Summer Under the Stars and have had some great flims ALL DAY LONG!  So I start watching and I can’t stop.  Doris Day and Elvis (young Elvis more specifically) have been on my top lists so far even though I really really enjoyed Errol Flynn’s movies as well…the best one I thought was “Objective, Burma” but we all love “the Adventures of Robin Hood” (with Olliva De Havilland of Gone with the Wind Fame).

Anyway, today’s resolution is to get over that anytime I make plans to go somewhere with my Grandma- the Hubby can’t come home to give me the car so we end up stuck in the house (hence the TCM marathons).  To put away the folded clothing and try and vaccum the hair out of the couches.

I am pretty positive that I can get all of that done and today’s bonus will be giving the dogs their baths sometime today (its supposed to be hot sooo I am thinkin it will be later in the day).

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