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Nevermind that Last Post

August 20, 2007

Yeah nevermind the whole ovulaton post because  haven’t…my temp dropped again today…to 97.34 from 97.93— but a couple days before that it was only 97.07

 So seeing as I am on CD29 already (yup thats right-“normal” people would be starting a completely new cycle by this date and here I am–not even close).  My latest O date was CD36… maybe in a couple weeks I’ll get an egg, but I doubt it.  My CM is practically non-existant.

Argh stupid journey

Tick Tock Tick Tock

3 months, 3weeks, 4 days until we stop this crippling journey.

Out of pure self-preservation because at this point I don’t think I can be any more broken down than what I am with all of this.  Bitterness, Jealously are not traits that I particualarly enjoy projecting and yet its seeping into every aspect of things.

I kind of am lookin forward to the end of this- like one would be glad of death at the end of a dreadful illness.  Sweet oblivion of not worrying about all these things.  Then again….it is the end-unless by some miricle I do end up pregnant- I’ll have failed at the one thing which is considered a natural right by biological standards.

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