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Today’s Resolution-Where the Heck is My “o”??

August 15, 2007

So… I am goin to start out with the frustration of my body.  I am on freakin CD (cycle day) 24 and I still haven’t Ovulated (yeah thats the big O I am talkin about peoples–get your head out of the gutter).  At this rate its not lookin like its gonna happen this month either and I was so excited about not having to stress the 2ww (two week wait).   My Grandma is gonna be here tonight (which I am more than excited about) and I was hoping to have started this waiting period.  Instead, my temp drops!  WTF is that?!  Hubby and I have been jumpin the bones for five days straight now–twice a couple days ago.  Yeah, you think its fun but after almost three years of this…baby making sex isn’t much fun at all.    My va-ja-jay is sore but I endure cause I only have four months left of trying!!

And wouldn’t ya know it…some 18 year old chick on FF (FertilityFriend) who doesn’t have any healthcare insurance, married to a man she doesn’t share any views with (should make for interesting baby raising) and thinks the world is goin to end in 20 years and the government is behind it all.   SHE got pregnant ON PURPOSE the second cycle trying.  You know what she said?  When she was asked her about how she is planning on paying for this child “Well as soon as I save enough money to get the pregnancy confirmed I am applying for medicare”.

SO yes fellow Amerians–yet another child that you will have to pay for over the next 18 years.  I don’t have a problem with most forms of aid.  If a person gets knocked up on accident I would much rather help them raise their child then to have them abort it. 

Anyway, enough of that for now.

Todays Resolution is really something that needs to be done since we are having company.  I am goin to get the Guest Room ready.  I have to wash linens and do dishes.  Notice that I didn’t say “do laundry”.  I figured that was too ambiguous so I am setting a specific goal for the laundry. Yesterday My laundry goal was towels and I got that done.

Its little steps people!  Anyway, I hope you all have a great day.  I promise to try and be better at this!!

TTFN Elusive Reader–feel free to leave a comment.

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