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Anger at the Stupid Man who is my Husband!

August 15, 2007


Seetheing, Pissed Off, boarderline crying ANGER!

and its at my husband!  What is so hard about keeping clean laundry off the freakin floor?  Apparently its rocket science cause he just don’t get it.  For two weeks I’ve been trying to do a load a day at least (laundry is not my favorite pass time).  Yesterday I did the towels and put them up.  Went to put a regular load in and he threw all the clothes that were clean in the basket onto the dirty garage floor.  So I had to stay up late (I was already exhausted at 8–more than ready to sleep) to make sure the clothes went from the washer to the dryer.  I just went in there to get them out to put up and they are all over the freakin floor again!!!  A garage floor is NOT CLEAN.  So instead of making some freakin headway on the house I am cleaning a load of laundry that I have already washed FOUR TIMES.

I am gonna cry and then call the man and yell at him.  Yeah I said yell.  If he is gonna treat me like his mother then sure as all get out I’ll yell at him like a child. 

I am fed up!

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