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Where I am in the Cycle.

August 12, 2007

Its been more than a few days since my last post.  I just haven’t really had anything to say.  I am goin to pickup “today’s resolution” again.  Maybe tomorrow.  I have drafted one every day but haven’t finished any of them. 

So here is a catch up post.

On the TTC front I am at CD21 and haven’t ovulated yet.  Maybe today or tomorrow.  We’ve got the days covered at this point, and getting a little tired…but we’ll see what happens in two weeks.  There really isn’t much else to say.  I am not one for listing “symptoms” because at almost three years I am well beyond believing that those are just normal signs of my body doing what it does.

On a more personal front, my grandmother is coming to stay with us for awhile.  One of her friends just died of cancer on Friday.  I would lik to say that it was sudden and unexpected,  but in this particular case she refused treatment when they first found it.  They gave her at the most two weeks on Wednesday last…

I am just glad that my Grandmother could be there with her.  This woman was alone…none of her family was there.  Its sad.

Anyway… thatis really it.  Nothing else is goin on with me.

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