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Today’s Resolution…yada yada yada 8/5

August 5, 2007

So yesterday I did get most of what I said I was gonna do.  I didn’t touch the laundry though. I KNOW it needs to be done but I also know that R isn’t gonna be here for the rest of the week and that I don’t particularly needs more variety of clothing than what is already clean.  So I think that I will STOP making laundry apart of my resolution list because its not something I can just do.  I need to be in the mood.  I did do 50% of my proposed bloggin yesterday.  I didn’t make a post about the game because I was just so frustrated by it at this point that I didn’t even want to type.

So as for today,

There isn’t anything I particularly want to do but I am goin to make a resolution anyway.  I resolve to enjoy my day no matter what it is I end up doing! 

 Thats a good one huh?! 

I also resolve how to figure out to put my blog roll up on my page here so you guys can enjoy some of the blogs that I do. 

Enjoy your Sunday’s People!

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