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TTC and the Military

August 4, 2007

What can ya say about it?  Not exactly the job condusive to the goal at hand.  Anyway, last cycle R (as we will refer to my hubby man) was supposed be home during my fertile week.  Two days before the planned sex marathon (as I like to so affectionally call it) we find out that one of the E-6’s passed the buck and R had to do the field excercise.  Last cycle…to say the very least…was a bust.

So we were looking forward this cycle and gettin the chance at least!  Tuesday we found out that R would have 24 hour duty on Thursday (which was our start date for the lovin).  No problem…make it up on Friday since it was his day off.  Of course he would need to sleep but we had the weekend.  No problemo. 

So in the process of startin to “get some” his 1sgt calls, effectively killing the mood.  The time…5:30.  Time with Hubby in 24 hours….2.5 hours.  News: Hes got another field problem.  From six in the morning today (Saturday) to next Saturday.  Once again….effectively covering my fertile window.

Another cycle a bust.

UNLESS!! (a ray of hope)

Unless I don’t ovulate this week.  Normally (without me doing anything) I will Ovulate CD19-21 (yeah—late ovulation will effectively reduce the amount of chances we have to concieve each year).  Well lately I have figured out a way to push that O up to a “normal”  CD14-17.   Today is CD (Ohh that isn’t the music kind of CD—we are talkin cycle days folks) 14.  Power of the mind and prayer is what I am putting my hope in this next week.

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