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Infertility Cure?

August 2, 2007

So, I posted yesterday about this question of a cure for infertility.  I also said I was goin to ask some of the ladies about it…so I thought I would post some of their reponses here so that different perspectives are present.   I still haven’t made the decision to post a link to this blog in my signature because I am still up in the air about it, but anyway…here are a couple of responses:

“I think in certain situations, yes, you can be cured. For instance, FIL didn’t have any sperm. He had a varicocelectomy and immediately fathered 3 children. They were apparently so fertile after that that he decided to get a vasectomy. Was he cured? I do believe so.If you have fibroids or a tumor, they remove them and they don’t grow back, and then you go on to have as many children as you want naturally, then I don’t think you’re infertile anymore.If you deal with ongoing problems and intervention will only be a quick fix and/or you have to use some form of ART, medication, or insemination and never concieve without it, then yes, you’re infertile forever.

I think a good basis for this side of the argument is that if you want infertility to be seen as a valid medical condition, then you have to treat it like one. Medical conditions can and ARE cured every day while some are chronic and lifelong. I think many people go through an “infertile period” but ultimately end up moving into the fertile category.

Now ask me if infertility is something that you will get over in your heart regardless of how many children one has? I don’t know, maybe. Ask me in 10 years. For me personally, that’s not a label I’d like to hold on to. I’ll never forget what I’ve been through and it has shaped every aspect of my life and how I deal with it, but I’d rather live a life where I could consider myself fertile (aka normal). Am I making any sense?

“I think in some cases infertility could be cured. Like others said if for some reason you are able to go on to have children without intervention because of some change, then yes. You’re cured. Although I’m sure the pain still stays with you.I think if you have a condition that is always going to require medical assistance to get pregnant, then you can never truly be cured of infertility, even if you have children.

I’m sure once your family is complete (regardless of your cured status) the pain lessens, but I know that it will always be with me what we have gone through for the past 2 years. It changes you as a person.”

So I was glad I brought it up… currently the topic is still being discussed so I’ll be sure to post any replys that strike me.

 But I started thinking what if its infertility caused by an outside factor- which is then removed? Has that person/couple been “cured” of their infertility? Was it considered true IF even though it was enviromental?

and then comes the question of the status of IF—is it ‘we’ are IF if only one half of the couple is? And if the couple are no longer together then is the one without the factor no longer considered IF?

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