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No Resolution today and Yesterday’s Results

August 1, 2007

Well yesterday went well.  I didn’t get the dogs new food because what I want to feed them I cannot find in this town.  However, Skye is doing much much better with her ear.  The infection is almost completely cleared–she just needs to finish out her meds and then she’ll be 100 percent.

Attitude adjustment–not so sure how that went.  I did post about my conflict….not that it actually solved anything or I am any closer to a solution but its ok. 

Hubby will be on CQ duty tomorrow so I will have all day and night by myself….and he had range today so he was up at 3.  So when he gets home it will pretty much still be me all by myself since hes got to go right to bed (I need to go to sleep early too as I may need the car so I will have to drop him off).

 Today’s Resolution….

I haven’t decided.  Maybe today I can take a break from this.  Its not like there is anyone keeping me accountable so who cares if I miss a day? No one.  Right on!  So I have to go and let my dogs out.


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