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Todays Resolution and Yesterdays Results

July 31, 2007

For sake of time and continuancy I’ll start with yesterdays results.

I didn’t do a thing I said I was gonna do.  I am happy about it too.  I spent the day reading, getting lost in Regency Era England looking through the eyes of Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy–of Pride and Prejudice fame.  The trilogy by Pamela Aiden is great and I’ll blog about it another time since I have limited time on the computer right now.  I think I may just start a blog about books, but I might wait.  I have to get used to writing in this one first.

So today’s resolution is to bring the dog to the vet (theres no getting out of that one), get them new food, and have a general attitude adjustment.  There are some things that I am feeling which I need to write about so I will be making a post again later on today.  Hopefully, that will soothe the ache in my heart and sort out some conflicts I am having internally.  I am still determined though to have a good day.

At least its not raining like it was yesterday!

Invitation is still open to join in the quest for success!

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