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Intentions for my Blog

July 24, 2007

It has been a few days.  I tried everyday but I was having some pain issues so typing wasn’t an option for me (I have Fibromyalgia).  Anyway- nothing really exciting is goin on with my clan.  Today I have to take the dog to the vet because I think she has an ear infection.  I did get Harry Potter on Saturday (I pre-ordered so I didn’t have to go into the crowds).  Its a wonderful book but I am re-reading to catch things I may have missed before and then I’ll blog about it.  My best friend from the teen years finally dropped this jerk of a guy (which proves that a man can be in the ministry and still be a jerk).  As soon as I find out more I certainly will be loggin about that as well.  My grandmother is coming to visit next month–so that will be loads of fun and I should have lot to write then as we always have a good time 😀 

Politically (yes this blog will also include political stuff) I will read up on the Democratic debate and give my view on it.  I also plan on watching the Republican debates and commenting on those.  After the primaries I’ll certainly do in-depth research on the issues at hand as well as the Canidates past actions and patterns.

 Anyway…just putting that out there so I have some sort of accountability.

Today as far as the TTC world.  I am CD2–meaning that yesterday was my first full day of flow.  It is odd though because my lutal phase is normally between 14 and 16 days and this last cycle was only 11.  Humm unusual.  I am also clotting a lot more than normal.  I dunno whats going on but I can’t see the Dr until I can get my records transfered :/  I am frustrated with that but I am gonna have to blog about it later since I need to get ready for my day of errands. 

Until we meet again

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