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Phone call from a friend- Does a body good

July 17, 2007

So I got a phone call from an old friend from High School.  It was great to hear from her—I haven’t talked to her since January or Febuary and we haven’t seen eachother since her wedding last year.  Anyway..we talked for a good three hours or so and it was really great!  Like all that time hadn’t passed.  She’s got some issues with TTC as well–mainly that her husband is older than her father by a good three years–but she knows they can concieve.  In fact, before this the last time we spoke is when she called to tell me about their miscarriage (and what a jerk her hubby was being about the whole thing).  We talked a great chat about these issues and it was good to get it out to an actual person instead of to just myself.

Im feeling great after this conversation — so great I might actually go do something worthwhile now.

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