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Maybe Anger Management?

July 17, 2007

Well, here it is the next day and I am trying to get in the habit of this for my own sake.  Why?  Because I seem to be angry all the time and I don’t like it.  I know that keeping everything to myself is probably contributing to that and this is supposed to be my outlet-so I’ve got to get in the habit of coming to do this thing. 
I know that I am losing it simply because last night I almost lost it cause my husband decided to eat my candy! I know right?  Its crazy that I would be upset over that but I was.  I rarely get candy for myself and I like to enjoy it. I don’t scarf it down in three seconds.  I like to have it for a bit.  Not my husband.  If he feels as though I am takin to long he’ll eat it himself.  Even if I specifically tell him that I don’t even want him touching it.  Yesterday I told him the same–not to touch it. Fifteen minutes later I go to get myself a bite and its not where I put it. Ohh I should probably mention that he tends to lie about stuff he thinks is “little”.  Yeah he sucks at it too cause I can always tell.  I didn’t even ask him about it because I was so mad.

Anyway, today I was supposed to meet some ladies but I haven’t heard from them so I am assuming that they aren’t willing to pick me up for lunch.  So I am still here friendless, chillin with my doggies.  They are cool dogs though.  They are full blooded American Bulldogs.  One has blue eyes the other has brown.  They are soo heavy too…but its a healthy weight for them.  Not so much for me since they both like to think they are still puppies and smaller than what they really are. It is not unusual for me to have paw shaped bruises on my thighs from them jumpin and playin. They have kept me company during hubby’s deployments.

 As for the TTC wagon- Im in semi-neutral ground.  I am a member of a few boards like Fertilityfriend, Loungeplace etc.   Loungeplace I like because I am on a board that is specifically for women who are in the same infertile situation that I am in.  Fertilityfriend that is a completely different story.  Some of these women present themselves as brainless and idiotic.  I know that this part of their lives is not all of their lives but sometimes ya really have to wonder! They ask questions that can be answered by searchin on google.  The new ones don’t concieve in the first month and they are wanting to run to the doctor and diagnose themselves as IF.  The best part is when they do that (the self-diag. thing) they jump on to the IF boards acting like they know what they are talkin about.  They jump on the ART’s (artifical reproductive treatments) boards talkin about which tests they need.  Then when they are told that they aren’t IF (at least not yet) they attack the women who actually are.  They call us unsupportive, brash, bitter, insensitive, etc.   These are the same women who take HPT’s starting at 5DPO talkin about pregnancy symptoms at 3DPO (ohh DPO means Days Past Ovulation).  I don’t have any idea where I was goin with all that…I just visited the boards and saw a few of those women (I will refer to them as Fertiles probably from here on out).

Anyway, Its about lunch time and hubby is on his way home.  I am signing off for now and maybe I’ll post again soon.

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