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David’s Lies, Stains, Dishes and Bills

July 17, 2007

Well, here I am again!  I promise this won’t happen everyday but for now its working. I was sittin here at my laptop and a Davids Bridal commercial came on–the $99 gown sale. The sale that has been happening since before my first friend got married—back in 99.  The sale that was still going on when we got married in 04.  I think I know why they say it. Because they want the bride to feel like she is getting a great deal on an expensive dress….when in reality they are just dresses that are made cheaper (like you will NEVER find a Oleg Cassini dress on sale at Davids).

I think that most of the brides know this and it doesn’t really matter.  So why the lies???

Anyway, so I was feelin good after my phone call but still kind of lazy so I grabbed the carpet stain remover and got to work on some of the stains in the back hallway.  Really gross.  Supposedly they shampooed the carpet (they in reference to the people who rented this house before us) when they moved out.  Yeah right.  There are stains all over the place.  And these stains can be taken out with some stain remover and a little elbow grease.  The living room was so bad we bought bamboo rugs to cover most of it and our couches are stratigically placed.   Anyway, it made me really tired so … I vaccumed and didn’t even finish.  Ohh I did organize the linen closet as well.  Thats the most I have done since the middle of last week.  Tomorrows goal is: DISHES.  I hate dishes.  Its hiliarious because when I was younger I would BEG to do the dishes!!  I also have to work our budget.  There are somethings that surprised me in the mail–bills that have taken two and half months to get forwarded.  Those aweful final bills that you get when you move from one place or another.

Ok this is just getting random.  I’ll sign off–say goodnight.  I hope to tomorrow is a good day.  Or at least a decent one.  I don’t want a bad day.

Good Night Elusive Reader

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