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Best Comment to date on OBL death

May 2, 2011

I got this from a comment feed on Michelle Malkin’s facebook page…

MEN OF GENIUS. Today, we salute you, Mr. “I Killed Osama” Guy. You
blame your failures on your predecessor, and your media kiss your feet.
You voted against funding the troops for Iraq AND Afghanistan, and
fooled enough voters to get into the
White House. Now, even as war protestors scratch their heads about
whether it is good news, you claim credit for what the American troops
deserve ALL credit for. So, Mr. “I Killed Osama” guy… we salute you.
Even though we all know that without President Bush, your big day would
not have been possible.”

Yeah…Thank Bush 43, Thank the Military and General Petraeus, Thank you Intelligence Community, and Remember the Fallen.

The most Obama deserves is a handshake and “Thanks for maintaining Bush policy” even though he has fought tooth and nail against it.

The “Urge” v “Reality”

April 30, 2011

Ok, so right now I am making an entry because I am procrastinating on actually doing anything else.  I started out the day by waking up…no earlier or later than usual.  Except I decided that I’d play a couple of levels of Angry Birds.  My sister-in-law told me about that game and I have been addicted to the stupid thing!  Anyway, a few hours and three levels of Angry Birds later I get my butt out of the bed.  I need to do so many things and there is not an iota of motivation to get them done.

I determined that I would let the dogs out (which they certainly were begging for at that point), get myself a cup of coffee and then start in on the day.  We are up for our six month inspection and so there are a few things that I’d like to have cleaned up before the day. I seriously need to do dishes and laundry as well.

So I let the dogs out, then proceeded with my plan.  Cup of coffee.

I figure I can drink my coffee and check the interwebz for all the trivial things going on in the world. I am gonna start what needs to be done as soon as I finish my caffeine intake- only I decide that my “cup” is going to be my largest cup…which happens to hold about three and a half normal cups of coffee.  So yeah, right now I am still working on that first step.

I do seriously need to get this stuff done…that’s the urge.  The reality is that I just am so friggin tired. 

Same thing happens with the blogging too.  I think of something great, or see something I want to comment on- but then I sit down to the computer and my mind goes blank!

OR…like now…there are serious things going on that I really want to comment about, but they are pretty serious to the point where I just don’t know where to start or how to really say something without sounding like a major cow. So I’ll leave the post trivial…and maybe take on a couple more levels of Angry Birds

Wanting to Reconnect

March 25, 2011

I’m actually making a post, y’all.

Of course, most folks won’t even know that I have because I’ve been so non-posty for awhile now.  The why are pretty much the same reasons why I state in every other post in the last year or two- but ALAS! I will be making no promises today for the future.

I am only in one class this term and so I have a bit of time on my hands.  There has been some IF stuff going on that I may get to later, but today I am just typing to kill time.  I figured I should probably let y’all know I’m still alive and breathin on the other side of the screen.  That and I don’t really want to read- I’ve literally read 12 novels in the last 8 weeks and written somewhere around 16k words of papers in the same amount of time.

Can you see why I just don’t feel like typing any more! Or reading much anymore either.


For those of you who might still see this, let me know in the comments how y’all are doin!  I haven’t been plugged into the IF community for awhile now so, with a exception of about 10 people, I have no idea whats goin on!

Just Not Answering the Question

January 14, 2011

Lately it seems like people ask me questions I just don’t want to answer- but I don’t want to lie.  I have a real aversion to lying- even those white lies that everyone tells.  Not saying that I don’t lie because there is no way I can get away from being human.  Most times if I lie its not on purpose…one of those “Wait a second…was that true?  Really?”  I do have the tendency to talk (in person or on the phone) without thinking about everything relevant.  It isn’t like typing things out- cause even when you are typing it requires a bit more thought than just speaking.  Sometimes I ramble on and on though so it comes across as me just moving my fingers across a board and letting things flow.  Hum.  Some of that didn’t make sense- I don’t know if that proves my point or not. 

Anyway, back to those questions.  I think people are catching on to my subject aversions.  Lately they seem to be less transitory- I don’t just act like they didn’t say anything at all.  That, by the way, is completely different then acting as if I didn’t hear them at all.  I find that to act like I am just not hearing them prompts them to just keep asking- which is annoying.  So I just skip all that polite stuff in the middle and make the point with a “Hum” and then move on in the conversation.

It is more than just about infertility though. I pretty much just let them be uncomfortable with the answer since they don’t usually seem to think there is anything wrong with asking about our lack of children- ultimately our sex life.  Its been more than six years- at this point it just doesn’t make sense to be anything but blunt. 

I don’t like questions about my husband.  Weird, right?  I should probably specify that it isn’t general questions about him but when it comes to his deployment or our relationship status because of his deployment.  It annoys me to no end when women go online and carry on about their husbands being gone.  I understand it the first few days after they leave…even the first few days after they have to go back from their R/R leave…but six or seven months into a year or 18 month deploy…constantly…and then asking for others to join them (specifically asking me questions whose answers would essentially force me to join them) grates on my last nerve.  C’mon folks! Everyone doesn’t need to know every time you talk to him, or think about him, or someone references his name.  Everyone doesn’t need to know…period.  The Hubbs and I do talk– but not where everyone can see cause its none of their business.

Just like if I don’t know you I don’t want to know about your sex life- or lack thereof (this is definitely not in reference to any of the IF community because well- what is fertility without sex, right?).  I don’t want to know about your plans for him coming home or your body image as you dwell on him coming home.  Live life! Geez.  It is a private reunion and no one needs mental pictures about what you will- or will not be- wearing. 

The Hubbs asked me just a little bit ago why I had cut myself off from the FRG (Family Readiness Group) here while he is gone– and what I have written is a large part of the reason why that is.  I’d rather not know or participate in these activities if its just gonna be a complain-fest.  Same thing with connecting through social networks online- cause the majority of women who do participate pull that complaining into every aspect of the online world.  So my friend lists get shorter and I grow less annoyed…which can only benefit me even if my social circle is limited to just a few people here.

There isn’t a real point to this post…just letting out the annoyance.  Figured that I have this place and so I should probably use it instead of just bypassing.  Maybe I’ll be able to concentrate on my school work now.

It Is A New Year

January 10, 2011

I’ve sat in front of this screen for a few minutes…wanting to write but not knowing exactly what to say. I am listening to a song that is beautiful and really its what I need right now : Be Still My Soul

There is alot of disquiet goin on inside of me- not that it’s anything new. This year- this 2011- hasn’t exactly started in a great and uplifting way. I admit that I am anxious about what the year will bring. Last year really sucked…even throwing the good things that happened into the equation it doesn’t balance out.  You know I made a resolution this year: to not place any unreasonable expectations on myself.  I am left wondering- just 10 days in- what it is I can expect for myself?

My Uncle Steve died yesterday afternoon.

He was my favorite Uncle.  Wait.  Not “was”, but still is.  The last time we were together he was making me laugh.  He made me get up and dance with him–in his wheelchair. We stood outside to watch the 4th of July fireworks.  He was laughin and his carefree self lookin up into the sky.  He held my hand and called me little one.

He by no means was anywhere close to perfect but he was a good man.  He was a womanizer- we called him Bull.  He took care of his kids though and he never lied to the women he was with.  They knew what he was before they jumped in the bed (or-ahem-where ever).  I think its a testament that all of his kids and baby mama’s are active in our family and always welcome.  My cousins never had to wonder about their Daddy or felt treated poorly by any member of the fam.  The women knew they could call on aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins if they needed help with the kids. Softball, football, track, birthday parties were attended by everyone.

It is so odd for people to imagine that my favorite Uncle was so different from me.  I have…had…other Uncles that were more like me and I loved them but its…was… a different relationship.  I am really going to miss him.

I didn’t even get to say goodbye. Just like with my brother last year.

My Dad and Aunt are the last one’s left and I am so scared that I’ll not be able to say goodbye to them either.  My Dad is sick…we are waiting for them to schedule him for a kidney transplant…we have been waiting for almost three years now.  Been trying to get him transfered out here to the East Coast but they have plugged up the paperwork.  They don’t need to find a donor or anything- my baby brother is a perfect match. It is just waiting for the Doc who can wield a knife to do the surgery. What if something happens this year?  Is it bad that I am saving as much money as possible just in case Daddy dies? So that I can be there for this one thing at least?

Morbid, right?


“That’s Logistics”

October 29, 2010

Today has been long.

My Grandma- who I love more than anything- was at the MetroTech in Downtown Brooklyn this morning.  She was there when they didn’t know if this package was or wasn’t a threat- and it was worse than Sept 11 for the simple fact that I KNEW she was there.  When Sept 11 happened she worked directly across the river from the towers, but her job dictated that she make home visits.  In those days she lived in Manhattan and often started her day later than she would normally. She could have been at home, in the subway, at work or on visits at any point that Sept AM.

Today I knew she was there.  If it had been an active threat there would have been no getting away for her…


I have a far greater appreciation for UPS and their “That’s Logistics” slogan today than I did yesterday.

Making it Easy…

October 24, 2010

So, I have now set up the blog here so that I can post but not actually be on the site- though I am not entirely sure how that will motivate me seeing as it really isn’t that big a difference to type in Windows or actually on WordPress.  Maybe me posting this is a good sign?

I don’t know but kudos to Windows Live for making it easier!